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Noob With A Gut


Hello everyone, quick question. i am 6'1, 191lbs and i have super skinny legs and arms but a pretty big gut. i have been working out and eating proper.

on my 5th week of heavy training and light cardio. i am going for something like christian bale in batman size. i know i have a long way to go, and i am very dedicated.

i am just looking for some tips on getting rid of the stomach but gaining everywhere else. i do a ton of ab work every day, but i am not happy with my results this far. will adding more cardio or fat burners to my routine screw up buliding everywhere else?

thanks for any help


Vacuum, improve your posture and see what happens. Don't do a ''ton'' of ab work every day. Just lift heavy and train the abs like any other muscle


Are you freakishly blessed with hypertrophied abdominal muscles? If not, there really isn't any magic beyond cutting calories. Cardio and training help with a calorie deficit, but it is easier and more time effective to cut calories.
Your jar is lacking big rocks.
Time, sir, time.


It's possible. Ronnie Coleman was blessed with amazingly huge abbadabbas.




Keep "eating proper" and training, it will come.
Don't focus on your stomach, it sounds like you need to add muscle everywhere.

I'd be interested to see what "eating proper" looks like?

The staples of your training should be compound movements using free weights (squat, dead, row, bench, pull up, overhead press etc...), with supplemental (isolation) work where required.
Stop doing tons of ab work every day, as was said before train your abs like any other muscle and allow adequate recovery.

Don't focus on reducing calories or doing lots of cardio in an attempt to "lose the gut", chances are that you really aren't that fat, just that it seems prominent because the rest of you is so damn skinny. Add some muscle and I am confident that your proportions will change and you will be happier, then cut at a later date if required.

NB/ two weeks from now is not a later date

Hope this helps.