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Noob to Post Workout Recovery

I’ve lurked the halls of TNation since I worked out with a body builder a few years ago. The first thing he recommended was getting a post workout recovery drink. I drank the kool-aid (pun intended) and have enjoyed the benefits. I didn’t feel as tired or sore and could continue working out without worrying about form breakdowns due to muscle soreness.

All that said, I’ve gotten back into working out and have utilized a protein/carb recovery drink, but I’m on a serious budget. Here’s the breakdown: 80 grams of carbs from Orange Gatorade and 40 grams of protein from a whey protein I had to buy at Wal-Mart. I chose one that contained several amino acids that I’ve read on this site are important: caseine, Leucine, etc. However, now I feel incredibly bloated and can’t breathe when I bend over to put my shoes on.

I’ve not experienced this in the past when I use similar, inexpensive whey protein mixes and I’m wondering if there something I can do (that stays within my budget) to resolve this issue or if I just need to wait it out until my body adjusts? I am drinking a lot of water and eating better than I used to, but I have a long way to go. Any help would be appreciated.

If you think its the protein try another inexpensive brand. If you look around on line for sales and buy in bulk the prices are better than Wal-Mart anyways.

I don’t even drink protein afterwords anymore, I open up a single serving of applesauce, slurp out some, throw my creatine in there and stir it around. I can eat alot more if I don’t drink my shake.

You should be fine with 20 grams of protein post workout and 40 grams of carbs, provided you eat about an hour and a half after your post workout shake. You should feel less bloated after drinking less, and it will halve the money you spend on supplements.

Second what JLone said. Also, are you by any chance lactose intolerant? Might be that what you have been using is a whey protein concentrate that still has lactose in it. If so, look for a whey protein isolate instead.

Oh, small side note:

Casein isn’t an amino acid, it’s another form of protein found in milk.

Thanks for the responses. I appreciate it. I do believe I am lactose intolerant since I can have a bowl of ice cream without feeling horrible. I compared my last case of protein with the one I just purchases and found a lot more “stuff” in the new one, like creatine.

I’ve not used creatine before because my understanding is that it’s for people who want growth. I just want to lose weight and firm up. In essence, I want to get healthy and not look like a fat slob anymore. So, I don’t do a lot of other supplements aside from the post workout recovery drink. Anyway, would the creatine give that bloated feeling?

Again, thanks for all the replies and clarifications (238). I do appreciate it.