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Noob Supplements Questions


okay i decided to start training consistently and i have a few questions about kre-alkalyn and arginine alpha ketoglutarate

i figured buying them seperately would be cheaper..200 grams of kre alkalyn for $25 and 250 grams of arginine alpha ketoglutarate for $20

and they both can last me 1-2 months depending on serving

first question is:can i believe the hype about kre alkalyn bein 10 times as effective as basic monohydrate..1 gram equal to 10 grams

and how much should i take at a body weight of 325?

second question is:because of the ph sensitivity of each product would i be able to take both together at the same time because i wouldnt want the acidity of the no2 to cause the kre to breakdown into creatinine which negates the purpose of buying kre-alkalyn instead of regular monohydrate

i read somewhere to take them an hour apart in any order

if that is true should i take the arginine first so it gets the kre-alkalyn to the muscles better? or it doesnt matter

i'm just curious because i dont want to waste product therefor wasting money

I'll appreciate any advice about stacking and about how many servings an how many grams per serving each day training and non-training days


Currently, there is no clinical study research data for Kre-Alkalyn.

I'm not going near ANY supplement that has no data available. Personally, I'd take the standard mono creatine, and just pop some normal arginine pills. These are both known to be effective, and you don't have to worry about "Ph-Buffered" supps.

My 2 cents anyway.


yeah if i dont like the results i'll just go back to regular monohydrate or nothing at all

i start taking it monday

the plan is to actually train for size and not just strenght anymore im tired of just bein big haha

i needa drop some fat and start getting yoked for once


Dude are you for real? As if you need anything other than straight creatine monohydrate. And I'd also love to see the science that says ORAL arginine has any effect on performance.



well i researched the kre alkalyn and everything said what ive been told even from experienced lifters from my gym...but i guess like some people say even monohydrate doesnt work..

so i guess im just gonna try to see if it does for me..an ive taken nos pills before and i felt a slight difference...but ive never taken the powder..im also going to add somethings that i have to these supps


Well the mono hydrate has a truck full of science support in a few different areas. The neurological recovery factor alone is worth the $50 a year that it costs. And that's almost throughout the neuro science world that doctors Rx it to early stage degenerative brain diseases to help keep neurons healthy.

But I find it pretty odd that you would spend your cash on arginine products before BCAA's, fish oil and zinc/mag. these are all the real deal and have actual pathological effects. What your "feeling" from the nos is indigestion from oral consumption of arginine.

But maybe you got the cash for it.



well actually i already have a protein for the bcaas and i take multi vitamins,an i got a crap load of fish oil which i think is amazing when you diet

so im guessing that i shouldnt buy another thing of aakg when i run out?

you know im just new to the supplements besides monohydrate and protein

ive even read that you shouldnt take glutamine,but a few bodybuilder friends of mine swear by it,also a bunch of others..it was cheap altogether an i just wanted to take it for a test drive...

well thanks for the input i really do appreciate it...

so which supplements do you absolutely think i should spend my cash on?

protein is a given but what else is a truly must have for building muscle..because im use to powerlifting/strength training and you dont build much size doing that...

any ideas will be great

oh yeah an today i took the nos and kre,felt pretty great even for sleeping 5-6 hours..


More BCAAs are more better, for future reference. That's why they're available by themselves.

Nope. Arginine is iffy, at best, and last I heard, AKG was just about useless.

If you're not training for maximal strength, creatine doesn't need to be at the top of your list either.

Thibaudeau has glutamine as primary part of his low carb post-workout shake. I've only know it to improve the immune system (in terms of fighting colds, not recovering from workouts).

That depends on your goals. Are you looking to build even more size, or are you looking to lean down a bit. Based on your stats, I think it would be more beneficial to drop some of that fat right now, to make muscle building more effective.

For building muscle, Metabolic Drive and Surge Recovery would be the most basic. For fat loss, my experience with Receptormax has me thinking it could help from the start. Together with fish oils, it should help to re-adjust your insulin sensitivity, which will help with everything else.

But really, there's no way to plan your supplement schedule before we know your particular workout and nutrition plans.

Depends on how you do it, but that's another topic altogether. :wink:


hey thanks for your 2 cents

well now i know not to by the stuff again lol

but atleast i didnt spend a fortune on bsn's nitrix lol

and i'll look into the Biotest products the only thing this site promotes lol jk :slightly_smiling:

and my workout is still intense..just trying to get use to the 10-8-6-4 with 60-90 rest instead of the 8 sets of 3 or 5-5 and resting alot longer in between

i felt good today...was chest and biceps,

im hoping to lean out just by not eating all the freakin sweets man its insane lol..i guaranteed if i just cut back on the simple carbs a huge amount of fat is gonna burn off..

an hopefully i can reach my goal of being in between 280-300 but being alot more solid and quiker for football this year


A great success.



What do you weight now? whats your program? If i had to make a hierarchy of necessity for supplements when it comes to fat loss [assuming the food is in strict order] I'd say:

fish oil [O3 only, small fish]
Low carb protein powder
Creatine MH

After those 4 in that order you might want to add some HOT-ROX or other mild appetite suppressant such as hoodia tea. Really it's up to the food and training. the supps [which are just food really] just help keep the training strong and the recovery good.



i actually do have some diet pills but i wasnt sure if they would effect my creatine or the no...i was figuring to take everything all together so fat would drop and strenght and muscle will stay the same or increase slightly

but idk because the bottle of pills i have doesnt really say the amout of each ingredient


And you're 19 years old. 6' 3" @ 330 lbs. And you're wondering about diet pills and supplements.

Soooooo, you want to train for SIZE and not just SRENGTH anymore.

Just how strong are you?????????? Video clips will do.



well tnt i use to be alot stronger a couple of years ago when i trained properly and ate descent enough..well just put it this way 2 months of so-so training and eating horribly has gotten my bench at 400lbs again and my squat and deads back to the 500s..yeah an since training alright those 2 years ago i went from 295 to 235 in 2 in a half months..crashed diet the stupid thing to do i know lost alot of muscle mass then i got fat anyway when i got with my girl and slacked off lol

im was pretty excited i was able to gain so much strenght so quickly and thats me training 3-4 days a week..eating fucking cups of noodles haha poor college student haha

and i'll ask someone at the gym if they have a camera or ill just try to get my digicam vid on youtube when i find the usb cord...

but yea normally i trained with 8 sets of 3 or 5 sets of 5 no higher..

this week i actually started doing rep ranging from 15 down to the lowest of 5...

im really sore today for haha

well any comments or advice will be great thanks


and i know at 330 my lifts arnt considered strong but seriously if youd see what i eat everyday youd be like thats great for your shitty diet of junk food and bullshit

my weight fluctuates so dramatically..

hell a few weeks ago when i was at 333lbs then outta nowhere i was at 318 of course i ate a lil better but that was in 2 weeks...

i just gotta fight of those damn sugar cravings..swear to god "if there was a god"...that im gonna be a diabetic like everyone else in my family if i dont watch that shit...im young and ignorant..i admit it thats why im trying to actually lean out an focus on trainig right


Dude, I think the most important thing for you here is that you dedicate the next 2 years of your life to eating bulletproof no sugar. I'd say go by the rule:

"Only eat it if it had parents or is green [ie. a vegetable]"

Do that every day for about 2 weeks and the carb cravings will go away. but then every time you eat some sugary treat the crab craving will come back. so say low-as-fuck-carb until you get to a reasonable body fat.

All the supplements in the world wont do you half as good as a few pounds of ground beef stir-fryed with veggies, every day, for a year. I think your program could be 80% conditioning [aka. cardio by some] for a year and you would be twice the athlete you are now no matter your lifts.



yeah bro..if anything im gonna try to ease in slowly with a sugar substitute...fuck splenda though lol shit makes me sick lol

have you tried stevia?

well yeah thanks alot for your help...hopefully by next year things will be where i want them to be or atleast on the right track


I don't really care for sweeteners of any kind. I find that easing in to it by using them just makes the cravings for something sweet last longer. It works better to just go cold turkey and get it over with.


yeah i have noticed that before in the past..usually takes about a week or two for the cravings to stop..

but if not for later on in the future was kinda curious


fuck that shit. If you use any use splenda. as if it doesnt taste just like sugar. it used to be sugar.

Just go eat what you need to and harden up a little. Sugar is for softies.

Eat the meat and love it. At 330 pounds its time to get tough and man up at the table. You've got a year of hard-ass work ahead and no magic pills can compensate for grit.

Now I'm gonna hit up some fresh baked cookies and do some coke with the olsen twins.