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Noob Planning Way Ahead for 1st/2nd Cycle

Hi everyone, I’d like your advice on my goals for the next two years, since that’s my goals timeline. I’ve been studying anabolics and androgens as well as the milieu of supplements out there and I’m done wasting money on little return especially in my situation.

So I’d like to maximize my pound for pound strength/power and lean mass to be ready to try out for college football as a running back and slot receiver. If I can’t make the team, I’d like to still pursue martial arts and powerlifting while I train others.

First my stats:
5’7’’, 170 lbs, 15% body fat, age 23, and I’ve trained off and on for nearly 10 years.
I know my routines well and my diet is like this: 2800 calories a day, 30 %Protein 30 % fats 40% carbs. I eat lots of chili, grilled chicken with broccoli and quinoa and olive oil, sweet potatoes with Greek yogurt, I know what I’m doing in general with the help of a bachelors in exercise science and a CSCS strength and conditioning cert.

My goal is to gain 20 pounds of the leanest muscle possible to weigh 190 and be around 8% body fat about a year and half from now.
Here’s my plan Id like for you to critique:
Through September lean bulk to 180 and 14-16% bf. HIIT, 5x5 training, cinditioing/sparring.
Starting October 1st- mid December: anabolics bulk
Test cypionate 250 mgs E3D for 8 weeks
Proviron 25 mgs 2x/day Weeks 1-11 (into pct)
Adex .5 mg EOD weeks 1-11
Nolvadex 40 mgs week 12, 20 mgs/day week13/14, 10mg/day week 15.

I hope to gain the last 10-15 pounds Im aiming for with this first cycle of mine. So I’ll be sitting at 190-195 hopefully by December. Once I recover mid January after pct, I plan on taking some DAA and erase pro to continue lean bulking while fully achieving homeostatic test and estro levels. Then hopefully I’ll be sitting 195 at 8-9% bf by May, and then start focusing on leanness with a short 6-week cut in late May/June while I focus my training on sport specific routines. This cycle would be same as last time with added anavar at 60 mgs a day. When I hit those numbers, I’ll be satisfied and won’t need the boost these anabolics provide, as I don’t want to depend on them or want to spend a lot of money on them long term.
Also I’ll be taking liver support and possibly ostarine.

Any advice or questions or comments are greatly appreciated.

how fast are you?

i was a decent FB player in HS, and had several friends that played in college. only one was fast enough to play RB (and he had a legit 4.4 40). however, most of them were 185-210, or so.

IMO, if you think that you’ve got the speed and you were a good enough player in HS, i’d focus more on foot-speed and stuff like that. obviously any weight you gain is gonna change how quick you are on your feet, and your cutting ability, etc…

while higher doses of test/AAS are gonna obviously add more muscle, i’d suggest slightly lower doses, like 300 mg or so a week, at least for a first cycle. let me be clear: this is solely so you can develop more speed and strength without gaining too much muscle that it detracts from your speed, cooridination, etc…

the other concern is this: you’re not gonna be able to retain all the muscle you gain from the cycles… depending on your metabolism, you might keep most of it, or hardly any (especially if you try to “cut” in the spring). you might need to do 4 cycles in this time frame to get where you want…

another question i have, is this gonna be a D1 school, or a school that does drug tests?

i’ve dabbled with Ostarine, and wasn’t all that impressed. there’s a mild anabolic effect, but it still causes some mild HPTA suppression, so i’d reccomend a PCT if you do use it, or maybe use it with test or other anabolics.

anyway, with all that said, here’s what i’d suggest:

Week 1-8
Test enanthate/cyp: 300 mg (150 mg 2x/wk)
HCG-500 IU
Arimidex-.25 mg EOD (and adjust accordingly)

Week 9
HCG-500 IU
Arimidex-.25 mg EOD (and adjust accordingly)

Week 10
Arimidex-.25 mg EOD (and adjust accordingly)

Week 11-16
Nolvedex-20 mg/night


I don’t get this. You’re already 23 years old, and you have a bachelors degree. You’re also 5’7, 170 lbs, and not that lean. None of this adds up to making a college football team. Obviously your goal size would be much more impressive, but that’s 30+ lbs of extra muscle. And by then you’ll be either 24 or 25 years old. Also, while I’m sure you would be happy with gains like these, I don’t see how you think you’ll keep them long term. That’s not how steroids work, my friend. If you don’t want to ‘depend on anabolics’, you’ll eventually go back to what you were. Like, within a year, maybe less. Are you just trying to play 1 season?

[quote]flipcollar wrote:
I don’t get this. You’re already 23 years old, and you have a bachelors degree. You’re also 5’7, 170 lbs, and not that lean. None of this adds up to making a college football team. [/quote]


Besides, steroids are banned in the NCAA. If you want to use them for your own non-NCAA-football-related goals, that is fine and I won’t tell you otherwise. Heck, if you were a borderline professional athlete for whom the difference might be millions of dollars in income, I would at least get why you were doing it. But if you’re going to use them in NCAA football just to try to make a team, and you take a spot from a hardworking dude that didn’t use AAS, I say fuck you and the horse you rode in on.

This doesn’t come from some moral high ground about AAS use in general, but specific to collegiate athletics.