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Noob Needs Help With W/O Pain


Im 17 , 5'8" , and 130lbs. I have just started going to the gym and having 2 problems. 1st my arms or legs feel very numb like 15 minutes after my workout. 2nd today was the 5th day ive been goin to the gym and my body hurts soooo bad , feels like ive been stabed all over. I just wanted to know if this is normal and for any suggestions and oppinions. tyvm.


I'm not sure about the "feeling numb" part. You might want to check with your doc if it persists.

As for the "hurts all over" part, it's called DOMS, for Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness; meaning it hurts a few days after the workout and usually subsides after 1-5 days.

As you keep working out, DOMS will get less and less, generally reappearing when you integrate a new exercise in your program, or when you switch to a completely new program.


Depends on the pain. What is your program? Give us some details on what you are doing. Are you consintraiting on upper body?

I know when I first started I hurt for a week or two, so some of that is normal. Give us some details.


what is the workout like?


Agreed. As far as feeling numb, you might want to mention it to some of the Prime Time guys as well and see if they have any ideas.


I experienced the same thing in terms of soreness when I first started training and eating for mass. I was 5'7, in the high 150s. I had been lifting HIT style with reps in the 8-12 range. I switched to heavy, lower reps, and high volume training. I was so sore in the beginning. I couldn't even straighten my arms completely at my sides. This is supposedly a classic sign of overtraining. I'm not saying you should be overdoing it like I probably did. Nevertheless, my body adjusted and even in the first few weeks my strength soared and I was packing lbs on.


Is that the fifth day in a row? If so you need to dial it back a bit to maybe 4 times a week. What is your gym schedule?


If you are in doubt as to whether it's DOMS or not, you can verify by simply flexing the muscle. Hurts more = DOMS. It's a good thing.


Just had a thought that what you describe as "numb-like 15 minutes after the workout" could simply be "the pump."

It is common when your muscles get engorged with blood for them to feel somewhat stiff. It usually subsides within the hour.

If it's numbness like you get when you've been cutting off circulation somewhere and you have a leg or a foot that's "asleep", with the tingling, pricking sensation as the feeling comes back in it, I'd stick with my "See your doc" recommendation.


Echoing what everyone else said, I'd like to know what kind of workout you went through. If you're brand new to strength training, soreness is expected. Make sure to bump up your protein intake throughout the day.

If the numbness doesn't go away, (assuming, as Pookie said, it isn't just a pump), I'd be much happier if you had a professional doc check you out. An all-over check-up is never a bad idea when starting an exercise routine.


thanx for all the feed back!!! my doc said i felt numb after workouts because something about fast blood flow, and the hurting wasnt so bad today so it might be going away (hopefully).

For the people that asked about my workout...well i dont know what its called i just do pushups , situps , bench , inclined bench , freeweight , and these other excersises that i dont know the names of for upper body, and for the 2 days that i did lower i dont any of the names...yeh i know its pretty stupid but im a true noob . i just copy other people and watch first to see the stance they use.


Here's a site you might find helpful: exrx

You'll be able to learn the exercise's names and see what bodypart they target, etc.

Many of them are illustrated with short animation showing proper form.


Where did the URL go?

exrx (dot) net

or just Google "exrx"


Sorness comes with the territory, it does get less and less after a while, and becomes kind of enjoyable, it lets you know you worked it hard.
is the numbness coming from certain lifts like squat, or a machine calf raise, when I go really heavy on standing calf raises the pads are on my neck and traps (im pretty wide there)
ill get what used to feel like a "stinger" from football and my right side goes numb for a few seconds, if its bad get it checked.
good luck and don't give up


heres a pic of me after a party the the day before i started goin to the gym.


I have one more question , should i take any supplements like creatine , or that Surge stuff , or anything else?


Surge is a good idea for post-workout. At your level, creatine is not necessary. You could take it if you wish with some benefit, but if you want to save some money, don't worry about it. Spend on good nutritious food and lots of it.


I read in one of the articles that after workouts Arnold's arms would be so numb he would crash his bike riding home.


i can relate to that, i could barely drive home , lol.


should i take muscle milk and if so what does it do , is it like whey protien?