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Noob Looking For Simple Advice

Add me to the numbers of newbies searching for cycle advice for their first time.
I am about to start my first cycle and just wanted some advice, tips, suggestions, and jazz.
Deca/Dbol, Accu, no Test

I’ve heard that this is a somewhat advanced cycle and that maybe I should start with a test cycle first.
I currently weigh 177 lbs, 6’2, about 7-8% BF, 40 chest, 31 waist, 15 arms.
Been training for about four years. Surgery kept me out of the gym for about 6 months, but I’ve had 8 solid months in the gym so far.

I have a leisure diet, i’ll admit it could be stricter. I eat 145g protein in supplements alone, not counting 3 meals and fruit/veg snacks throughout the day
looking to be 195-215, no more than 10% BF, 46c, maintaining a 31w.
Any suggestions on the cycle, diet and training would be appreciated.

Thanks guys.

“the meatheads the one they’re all looking at!”


oh well I guess you tried.

Heaps of stickies and stuff to read in this forum and then you should be more knowledgable. There is a lot of info out there on the net in general.

Once you got more of a hold of it all I have seen many knowledgeble people in this forum who will clarify specific issues for you.

I’d hit it…

With a Banhammer.

I was 165 at 6’2 once upon a time. Of course that was 5 years ago before I had ever stepped foot into a weight room, but I digress…

Steroids are not something I’d suggest you do.

Do we get an age; or shall we just assume you are 19 and began working out when you were 15?

First things first, do not run deca, d-bol and accutane. Save all of those.

Secondly, why don’t you learn how to eat, and gain some real muscle prior to taking these powerful drugs?
I assure you, they will work better, and will have a more lasting impact on your physique if you are 200+lbs prior to using them. You are a little bit taller than the average guy, so more muscle on you is going to look like less on us <6ft.

Surely, you want to do this properly, right? If your diet is ‘casual’ now, it will be the same or worse when you go on cycle. You need to put the time in the gym and the kitchen before putting the oil in the barrel. Don’t be another prime example of some stupid individual jumping on steroids prematurely or unprepared.