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Noob Help with Cycle


So I got hooked up with these 2 vials of
Testosterone Enanthate 250mg
Boldenone Undecaonate 250mg

I've never messed with pins before.
I'd really like to know if this is a decent stack and if it is what dosing I should do since I'm still a rookie, also advice on pin size would help.
Any info or advice would help a ton.


I'm running 23ga. I've heard of guys using 25ga in their delts but I prefer 23ga and I draw up with 18's.


I don't understand why anyone would prefer a larger than necessary needle

You don't mention anything about an ai or pct. Sounds like you need to read the stickies at the top of the forum.


@eatliftsleep I have a PCT set didn't need info on that as I've cycled before
I need to know the dosage for this injectable cycle and I picked up 21 gauge 1" pins
just need dosage recommended for this cycle
Thanks for the reply any more help would be awesome


So from what I've looked at
500 mg/per week for 12 weeks of Test-e
400 mg/per week for 8 weeks of Bold
start my PCT at the end of week 12
sound reasonable?


21g? Do yourself a favor and get some 25g and just draw with the 21g.

What's your pct look like?


Whats wrong with 21g? i already bought them :o
150mgs/day for 10 days, decreasing by 50mgs every ten days until day 30.
problem is I'm pretty lean but they didn't have 1/2" .I'm not that thick, I'm worried 1" would be too long


So youre gonna run test e for 4 Weeks? Waste of time. I don't know who have you cycle advice but its pretty fucked
What's your height weight and bf estimate

yeah sure you can pin with 21g but I don't see why anyone would want to. Better yet, why not just get a dagger, stab yourself in the leg, stick a funnel in that bad boy and just pour the test in.


what gauge do you recommend that's smaller?
most online references recommend 500mg per week for test-e is that wrong?


Ya the dose is fine, the duration is not, for needles get some 25g to pin with like I said, or go with the harpoon, your choice, they'll both get the job done...


EQ is best ran from 16 weeks and longer.


Every body and their brothers run at minimum 10 weeks. Most run 12-15 weeks. Just FYI.


I am running 21g right now but that's all I could get where I am at right now. I am pinning in my glute and it doesn't hurt at all. But I am sure if I did my quad or Delt that would be a different story. With TEST E or C you need to run at least 12 weeks but that depends of what type of cycle you are doing and dosage. There are three cycle duration options Short (6-8weeks) Medium (12-15weeks) and then there is Blast and Cruise.. I would say that at 500mg a week of Test E you fall under the Medium (12-15weeks). Now I am sure some more experienced guys could correct some of my mistakes but I hope that helps.