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Noob Diet and Programr?

:hi this is my first post here. well im new in T-Nation and happen to hear lotsa things bout here while i was reading Berardi’s articles( w/c i ve read almost all of it)well im a small guy round 5’6 seeking for a body comp change of 150lbs round >8% B.F. well im currently 146lbs w/ a high level of BF round 18%…

ive been lifting w8s for a while but because of many nutritional mistakes i failed to do any changes. I’m currently appliying his massive eating calculations at the moment. it puts me on bout 30000cals a day if i just lift weights, but since im doing cardio it puts me on 3500cals.

lemme show a sample week of what im doing. criticisms and tips would be appreciated.

Sun: lift day ( basically doing compound excersices)
Mon: AM jog and fasted( bout 40mins and a distance of 12km)
Tues: lift day
Wed: same as mon
thurs: lift day
fri: usual am jog then returns to gym at pm for abs and a lyt 20min cardio
sat: rest

i could easily adjust to different programs since i have the luxury of time and could even devote to twice a day workouts if necesarry

should i ditch the cardio thing first and eat at a lower calorie as stated on the massive eating calculations w/o cardio or should i continue at this pace w/ the said 3500 cals. im all confused bout how to effectively apply that g-flux principle. thx

as for my nutrition heres a sample menu for my jogging days

Post Meal after cardio- 4 serv gatorade 1 scoop(24g prot whey) and a banana it seems like crap but there arent any good recovery drinks avalable in our market and health stores and my parents wont buy me internet stuffs like Surge

Meal 1 6:30(bout 40 mins after ingesting the post meal) a cup of cooked veggies + a cup o brown rice and a can of tuna

Meal 2: 9:30 2/3 cup oats a banana 1 1/2 scoop whey

Meal 3 12:30 6oz of some oily fish a cup of cooked veggies and a cup of brown rice

Meal 4 3:30 8oz chix breast w/ 2tbsp of pesto

Meal 5 6:30 8oz of lean pork cuts and a serving of mixed nuts

Meal 6 (pre bed) 1/2 cup cottage cheese 2 tbsp nat peanut butter 1 scoop whey and a tbsp of flaxseeds

as for my liftings days since i lift on late afternoons my first 3 meals usually comes as protein and fats combination followed ny the carbs after working out thx