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Noob Deadlift Form Check

What’s up guys complete beginner here and first time poster. I was pretty scared of doing deadlifts wrong, so i decided to record myself doing them to see if i was doing them right, but then i remembered i dont really know what a properly executed deadlift looks like, ive seen some videos but i was hoping to get some feedback from someone with more experience.

Yeap, its pretty common, you start with your hips too high, there is no more room for your legs to work and you basically lifting with your lower back instead of hips/hams. It should be the other way around, with a stiff back and the legs be the primary movers. I bet that you feel it on your lower back more than anywhere else.
Here’s my quick guide:

Pull bar close to sheens (over mid foot), remove slack, lower your hips and kind of push them backwards until you feel your hammies sweet and tight, push the floor away through your heels. Push through your legs until the bar reaches about knee level. Then hinge with hips and lower back. Reverse the movement for negative.

It looks like you are executing the lift properly; your setup needs work.

First of all, measure your plates diameter. Pretty much everyone uses Olympic plates which have a diameter of 17-18 inches and it looks what you’re using is smaller. This affects how far you have to bend to get into position. So, you should put the bar on some blocks to make the barbell be about 8 inches from the floor.

Here’s a pretty good deadlift setup explanation


Thanks for the feedback guys, i adjusted my setup as suggested and i definitely feel it more in my legs now. My plates are a bit small but im planning on getting some proper 20kg plates, until then ill have to get something to raise up the bar a bit.

Your plates are small, and your legs are long. People will disagree, but I think your deadlift looks fine for a starting point. My deadlift would look similar to that on a deficit deadlift. What I would want to see is you initiating the lift by pulling yourself down into position more, which would get your hips down just a tiny bit, and would give you speed off the floor. But having straighter legs than most people and a higher hip position is not bad if that’s how you’re built.


Whether your form is proper depends upon what you’re trying to accomplish. What you did was essentially an RDL, which is an excellent posterior-chain exercise (much better than a more conventional DL). So if you’re looking for posterior-chain development, stick with what you’re doing. (That being said, the effectiveness of the movement would be enhanced considerably if you performed sets of multiple reps.)

OTOH, if you’re committed to being a powerlifter, and thus wish to master a ‘true’ DL for competition purposes, your form needs some work.


I think the set up was good. Given your plate access and indoor flooring, I’d just do RDLs without resetting to the floor

KK begs to differ! Seriously though - some people are much better equipped to deadlift that way. Yes, what’s he’s doing is mostly posterior chain, but that may be how he lifts more weight.

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