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Nontoxic Fast Food

EGG MCMUFFINS–body building power food, or waist bloating garbage? (I kinda likem) I’m hard pressed to make the time to ensure a prepared meal each time I need to eat. My work requires me to be on the go alot, and rather then miss a meal I am prone to hit a drive through. Presupposing we are gonna eat some styro food some of the time do you guys have any suggestions as to which is the lesser of the various available evils? Thanx.

You are joking right! You don’t rely on that crap for your diet - its not that difficult to prepare food and carry a small cooler with quality meals in it! - Matt Slaymaker

Yuk! John you are going to end up being one of my patients. I have a can opener and a can of tuna with me at all times.You can also open the top of one of the single packet MRP’s add ice water stir and eat with a plastic spoon-I like a pudding consistancy, it can be eaten rapidly while standing if necessary.How about a protein bar? OK,OK if you twist my arm I’d say a grilled chicken breast sandwich, open face (one slice of bun) mayo on the side and no fries!