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None Of My Pants Fit


Best part is they're all tight in the thighs / ass, not the waist.

I never realized the importance of squats / deadlifts until I discovered T-Nation and now a month after adding heavy leg work to my routine I have to buy some new clothes.

And, no, I'm DEFINITELY not complaining.


im at the point you were one month ago. hopefully, after adding rdls and squats to my regimen, my pants will be having the same problem as well. congrats on the progress!


Isn't that a great feeling?!

Good work. That's one good way of judging progress.


Yes... and a great way of blowing a few hundred when you have to buy new shit. haha

I completely grew out of all my pants (except sweatpants, which are now just tight, but not completely unwearable) when I put on 20 lbs since last year.


Yeah join the club, i have the pants problem and upper back problem i think i need a new wardrobe too.


No because it's hard as FUCK to find jeans let alone find slacks that aren't skin tight in the legs and way baggy in the waist. I live in carpenter jeans.


Oh come on. You're like the millionare who complains about money problems.

I'd kill to have legs too big (in the thigh area) for my pants.

Although I have a hard enough time finding pants the right length, I can only imagine trying to find the right length AND width (I'm only 5'5" and a 30" length is a little too long).


Well, ok it's a little bit cool, but it really is annoying that only a certain style of a certain brand will fit.