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Non-Workout Day CHO


Hey Guyz!

I'm having trouble with my non-workout days as far as diet goes. What's yalls philosphy (not hard gainers) when it comes to the carb count on off days when bulking?



On my workout days I consume,atleast,300 grams.On my off days,about 250-300 grams.Remember,you're bulking! Eat like a pig and enjoy it while it lasts.Life is way too short.


I eat six meals a day and follow ME guidlines. TNG days are 3 PC's (first meal of the day and 2 PWO meals) and 3 PF's. Non-TNG days are 1-2 PC's (first one or two meals of the day)and 4-5 PF's.

This is my first "bulking phase" where I've done this. Previously I've just ate carbs with most meals every day. I've noticed much less bloat, stomach not as distended as usual, and am maintaining a visibly leaner midsection. Also, the pumps on TNG days are more intense and last longer after TNG.

Overall, I really like it.


Some enjoy life by strict eating, and by the result of it.

Thanks Guyz!


Honestly, if you are trying to gain weight, don't restrict carbs so much. I don't know how many grams you consume now, but just back off slightly on your off days, still making sure they are complex in nature.


I'm taking in a total of 306 g on w/o days and on non-w/o days I'll probly drop it to 200, other than 1 cup of oatmeal its all coming from veggies.


I think this is solid. I understand not wanting to gain too much fat while bulking but your overall food intake(calories) are whats gonna determine how much ya gain not whether ya have 200 carbs or 225 carbs on non training days.