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Non-Weider Athlete Ever Won the O?


Back in the day Weider was it for sponsorship/promotion...e.g if you wanted to eat/train/be supported he was it.

Ronnie was w/ BSN but Weider definitely pimped him.

Q: Based on politics can anyone other than Dex, Jay. Phil win this year?

Can a shredded and huge Kai Greene win. Don't start about structural flaws bullshit either because Ronnie wasn't the most aesthetic guy either. Kai is going to out muscle Phil and Dex, out condition Jay and his wheels and back are better than anyone right now. People can whine V-taper bla,bla,bla but the truth is Kai's lats are sick, if he brings size plus the cross striated thighs nobody else has that.

Kai has to be on, but if he is than he wins. Will Weider let that happen?


good question


i honestly think if victor can bring up his legs it’ll come down to victor heath and dex


that’s a great opinion and all but not what this thread is about. i’m not looking for predictions, i want to know has a non-weider affiliate won?


I think its very, very unlikely Weider would let it happen simply as its Kai’s first appearance


That would be like asking if a Strikeforce fighter ever won a UFC bout.

Once Weider got in control of the Olympia, all other contests took a back seat and the Weider boys have taken the title ever since. You have to pay the piper if you want to play the tune.