non training diet?

i’m gonna do a diet for my mom and am just wondering if anyone has done a t-dawg type diet while not training? she will be doing some cardio. also any supps you guys would recommend would be great. i’m thinking fish oil and a protein shake for sure, maybe a ephedra-free fatburner. thanks guys

Yeah, a tdawg “type” diet while not training would be similar to any number of low carb diets, just with a better control of dietary fats.

Would be just fine I think, probably still result in fat loss unless she is already skinny.

PowerOnIce, that’s really neat! The fact that your mom is receptive and that you’re willing to help.

T-Dawg 2.0 is my favorite diet. Workout for your purposes (or hers), though, means lifting weights. Do not use Surge following cardio sessions.

Have your mom save the money on supps, except for a good multi-vitamin (3 a day), flaxseed oil and maybe protein powder for convenience. Teach her about eating every 3 hours – 5 or 6 “meals” a day – and protein every meal. Have her start off easy on the cardio (shorter sessions, low intensity) and work her way up to longer duration. It’s more important that she make it a part of her routine than any calories she might burn at a higher intensity. My fear is that a higher intensity (before she’s made it a habit) could lead to burnout.

Emphasis should be on high-fiber, green veggie carbs. Remember to subtract fiber from total carbs. That way she gets more dietary freemdom. Breaking away from bread, pasta and rice might be rough, but it’s necessary.

Don’t forget a cheat afternoon once a week.

Good luck to you!!!

thanks guys i really appreciate it. i’ll keep you posted on the results.

also would flax be better than fish oil?