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Non-Traditional Splits

So what are everyone’s opinions on non traditional type splits. Like working quads with bis or chest with hamstring, etc. (numerous combinations). Basically two totally different body parts on the same day.

Most of my training has either been your standard antagonist split (chest/back, legs, shoulders/arms) or fullbody type routines, or the whole back/bi, chest/shoulder/tri, legs type thing.

I have made lots of progress and gotten stronger, but am toying with the idea of tinkering the split for a change in my routine.

Anyone have any experience with a non-traditional type split? Advantages/disadvantages?

Also, did you superset the two different muscle groups, or do all the exercises for one group before moving on to the next one?

thanks for any input! :slight_smile:

One of my favs is:

Chest and Quads
Back and Hams
Delts and traps
Bis and tris

It has given me good results in the past - AND WILL AGAIN!

Take chest and quads… i did chest… then quads. No alternation, no super or compound sets, not even quads first (cos i do not want to train after quads!) i found it really productive actually.

Hams really goes with back IMO. SLDL, Deads, GM, Rows…rev.hyp. it all fits.

Delts and traps and arms - well… yawn. But good days none the less. (my traps LOVE a seperate ‘time’ allocated all to them!

My arms also love being trained as a whole.

But i virtually ALWAYS train bodyparts seperately - so biceps THEN triceps.

Hope this helps a little.


iam using this right now and iam seeing good results:

day1: chest,lats,triceps,abs.
day2: quads,hams,calves.
day3: delts,midback,biceps,forearms.


I agree with JJ, Anterior and Posterior workouts just feel right together,

Chest and Quads
Back and Hams


I’ quite like one,

Chest and Traps
Legs and Arms
Back and Abs
Delts (Front-Rear-Lateral

The football coaches made a really weird split for us. I don’t really like it, but they still do it. They basically do the core lifts (bench, squat, clean-but no deadlifts, which I disagree with), then jammers (standing incline bench machine but with a squat invovled), some unilateral work, and neck and ab.

The next day, we do back, biceps, triceps, and shoulders.

I do tend to stick with the more traditional antagonistic type splits like bench/back or tricep/bicep or shoulder…etc.

However, i have tried doing not traditional splits like chest/quads; but i find this type of split to demanding for the long haul.

I also like to do a lot supersets of antagonistic muscle groups like chest and back so as to spend less time in the gym; but when doing squat and then bench i dont superset as its just to demanding; which increases my time in the gym.

In the end, i seem to always go back to my traditional split as it just works; but i also find myself trying things every now and then just to be different.

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