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Non-Traditional Periodization


Okay so im just trying to grasp how to construct a non traditional periodized routine. from what ive been reading about studies done like Rhea et al. (2003) i wanted to do daily undulation ( i cant spell) so i could gain both strength hypertrophy and the general conditioning sarcoplasmic hypertrophy

so what i thought up was:

monday:3 sets of 6 reps for upper body
tuesday: 3 sets of 10-12 reps for lower body
Wed: cardio day
thursday 3 sets of 10-12 for upper
friday 3 sets of 6 for lower

now from what i gather that should do hte trick for both strength and general conditioning gains, however, do i just keep doing this all year? taking a week or so off every month between starting a new cycle? or would i change it after about 4 weeks to something different? like perhaps 3x3 for power and then 3x15 for stamina for 4 weeks, then back to the 3x6 and 3x10-12? how often, and how long should i have non weight lifting periods for? is one week suffienct rest to encourage more adaptation?

thanks for any help :smiley:


The key here is to try and find what works for your body. It will take some time for you to figure this out. A little trial and error will tell you what the best is for you.

I've been doing similar workouts to yours, as I mentioned in another thread, and have yet to really put my finger on the best periodization for me. I really believe there is no one size fits all.

I certianly don't see any problems with what you are suggesting, however you didn't really mention how you were breaking up the weights, i.e. light vs. heavy, but I assume you can figure that out.


how i would be breaking up the weights? im not sure i understand what you mean, i was going to go for my 10-12RM on light days, and as soon as i can do 10-12 reps up the weight and my 6RM on heavy days and 3RM on power days if i decide to change it up into that


the key is variety. just be sure to record everything, and also follow a program's set/rep structure-Alwyn Cosgrove wrote a good one on undulated periodization.


That's exactly what I meant...


well now isnt that convinent :wink: i decided to go 2 weeks 3x6/3x10-12 and then 2 weeks 5x3reps/5x6reps followed by a week of either no lifting or try some light olympic lifting and then repeat

10-12 reps should give me decent muscular endurence right?


After only 4 weeks I wouldn't take an entire week off. Do that after 12-16 maybe. Other than that, I would agree you would increase your endurance with that plan.