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Non-Traditional Ab Exercises


Ive always done traditional ab exercises like situps and crunches. Ive been wanting to try some other things like anti-rotational type stuff. What do you guys think/recommend. And of course I do my squats and deads.


give l-sits a shot. that's probably one of the most difficult and rewarding ab exercises i've ever done. here's how i learned about them:


there's lots of other cool stuff on that site, too.


Pallof Press, 1-arm suit case deadlift, landmines


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L sits are rough. decline sit ups with the weight behind your head are also pretty intense. i'm thinking of working on some dragon flags soon


Thanks for the responses everyone. Ill give a few of these a try and see how things go. Im particularly interested in the suitcase dead. And I was thinking about a wood chopper type thing with a low-mid pulley. Ill also probably start doing weighted decline situps again. Probably throw in some of the more obscure exercises once in a while, unless I like that particular feel.


Check out Robertson's article from today.