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Non Tapered Belts


Is there any of you uses non-tapered belt like the one used by powerlifters? Of course the width must conform to the rules (12cm max I believe).


No sorry.

A guy uses his PL belt to do Oly high bar squats though.



I wonder why we don't use PL belts (when doing the olympic lifts). I do think that they are usually a bit too thick for weightlifting, though, creating a potential snag point. Or maybe at the start/bottom position it's just uncomfortable with one on. I have to try it sometime.


I think they are maybe too thick and don't offer any flexibility? But the main reason is the rule on the thickness of the belt.

I don't Sn with a belt as the bar hits the belt.



I do, but it's not a powerlifting belt, it's a nylon belt that's 4" all the way around. I use a Harbinger belt for CJ and squats!! I like it.

I think the powerlifting belts would be too stiff for the lifts!!