Non-T music?

I’ve noticed alot of people around here listen to rap (myself included), or hard rock, punk, ect. to get amped up during a workout. Just curious as to what anyone listens too when they’re r-e-l-a-x-i-n-g? The other day I was listening to some Lauren Hill & D’angelo while tanning and it seemed like I caught a couple of strange looks when I came out of my bed and into the waiting area.

Now just to clarify things, I could give a flying fuck what anyone in that situation may have thought. However, I was just wondering is there a line to how “soft” the music a T-man can listen too. For example, anything by Dick La Gay and his wife Jessica Simpson would be IMO stepping right onto the line of Faggetry. But then again I really like that Shakira song Underneath your clothes. Then again I really like Shakira.

Coldplay, Alice in Chains unplugged, Nirvana unplugged, the doors, Eric Clapton… just to name a few…


In general I try and stay away from anything to poppy, I have a tendancy to want to vomit when I here that crap. As for what I listen to I would include everything you listed plus if I am really trying relax I might through in some Nora Jones,

I listen to all kinds of music it just depends on the mood i’m in. I def believe in the power of music, it can move you and change your mood at any time. Since we are on the topic did anyone see the miss usa pagent the other night? Its was the question part and they asked Miss ( well im not sure what state but she had on a blue dress and had short blonde hair)what is her favorite song. and this brainiac “wow thats a hard ?, its probably like the hardest ? you could of asked me”…I mean what the fuck make a decision already. And listen to this the next ? she was asked was if she could have dinner with anyone in the world who would it be? Yup you guys guessed it “Justin Timberlake” great answer!

Just Listen to what you like !
Who gives a shit what someone else thinks, T-man or non T-man.

Zamfir and KennyG

i’m really into mellow shit, even when i lift. it just kinda fits my personality. my changer right now has some sublime, pink floyd, marley and 311 in there.

Not new stuff but right now I’ve got a three disk rotation of old Limp Biscuit, One King Down “Bloodlust Revenge”, and The California Takeover Live by Victory Records. All three of the those discs have some good stuff on them.

Clapton. A lot of Reggae to relax.

Usually Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up does it for me.


Just kidding ;0

I like orchestral music when I’m really trying to relax. There’s a piece by Sir Edward Elgar called “The Nimrod” that can put me under like nothing else.
Moussorgsky is another favorite composer of mine; he wrote “Night on Bald Mountain,” but I wouldn’t go so far as to call that one “relaxing.”

Non T-music is a necessity…

If only to impress the ladies.

I’ve injected my repetior with some Tori Amos, John Mayer, Dave Matthews, Venessa Carlton, Sarah Maclaughlin, Cat Stevens, Evanescence, Third Eye Blind, The Police, dare I say Justin Timberlake, and Jeff Buckley to name a few.

I don’t think I’ve sacrificed being “hardcore” or lost any “mans man” points by listening to artists listed above. They are all very talented…

When you know of the aforementioned artists it displays a degree of sensitivity as well as the willingness to understand things that chicks dig.


Jackson Browne. First 3 albums.

There is NOOOO excuse to listen to Justin Timberlake.

What’s with the gay bashing hostility in your language?

The Eagles

Eric Clapton is mellow? His early stuff sure aint. Layla with Dwane Allman on slide guitar…so sweet.

I guess when compared to the crap on the radio these days…

I am into more electonic flavours :slight_smile:
Artists such as plaid, dub tractor, and the ambient works of aphex twin and luke slater are great :slight_smile:
On there’s also a great stream of minimal dubby house mixed by Lawrence + Carsten Jost. If you are into these styles (or want to try something different) chek it out :slight_smile:

If it’s time to hit it hard: Dj Rush, Jeff Mills and Chris Liebing get me fired up good (all banging techno dj’s)

As far as like the “lighter stuff” I will occasionally listen to country(I live in Nebraska…thats all we have is country stations)As far as the lighter R&B stuff,I really like Fabolous.When I get tired of my normal music(Everything from 50 Cent to Metallica) I’ll even listen to like Christina Aguilera,Michelle Branch or Avril Lavigne…really just depends on what the fuck I’m doing at the time.

Tori Amos is probably my favourite artist bar none. Definitely not “high-T” but amazing nonetheless. Suzanne Vega is fantastic as well, Joni Mitchell - fabulous.

I like a lot of harder stuff as well, and hip hop, but Tori Amos is probably my favourite.


Papo Vasquez…kinda a sexy Latin American Jazz…great for kickin wit da ladies…

Lots of Blues and Jazz…lots of random artists in these genres

Thelonious Monk, John Coltrane, and random other albums…

Random Old Funk and RnB…Hot Chocolate (“You Sexy Thing”),

uhhh…gotta go see if my cute female neighbor is home…=P =)