Non-Sweetner Flavouring

Hey guys

Well, I have a ton of raw powders that I’ve been mixing with tea as they taste pretty bad, and can only be mixed with a spoon in hot liquid. This is annoying though, because they take time to measure, and I also have to make tea 3 times a day. What I want to do is get a big jug of water with all of them mixed in, and sweeten it with stevia. But that itself I know won’t make it taste good, I need some kind of flavouring. Where would I get ahold of flavouring that doesn’t already have a sweetner such as aspartame or sucrolose.


I’ve mixed bakers chocolate powder in with stevia before. This can, with the right experimentation, yield a nice, rich, chocolate flavor. The same can be done with vanilla extract.

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Peppermint extract, orange extract, coffee extract, lots of other extracts you find in the baking section at the supermarket. Go for the ones in sunflower oil rather than alcohol as they don’t have the dodgy aftertaste that alcohol-based ones do.

honey works great for me…i use honey and milk in a black tea.