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Non-Stimulant Fat Loss


I was wondering if anyone had positive results using supplements for fat loss that did not contain stimulants. I've used stimulant based formulas in the past, but recently my body has been ultra-sensitive to the point where I would like to evaluate other options.

Also, any dietary tips would be appreciated as I am basically looking for non-stimulant "lifestyle" to promote fat loss.


The best fat loss i've ever achieved happened during high school wrestling with a strict diet, a pretty tough training regime and no supps.


One of the best fat loss attacks I ever made had me eating a grapefruit at the start of every meals, after usisng a shite bean starch blocker. It did very well for me.


Go on a plan. That's the best advice I can give you. AD, T-Dawg, etc. Follow a plan to the letter and you shouldn't need a fat burner, especially if you are training with intensity (also following a plan). Most fat burners are a waste of money (HRX is one of the only exceptions in my opinion), so finding one that works that is also stimulant free will be a leap of faith.


This is great advice. Once you nail that plan and start losing THEN and only then think about a fat burner. You should not HAVE to have one but be able to use them as an aid not a crutch



Thank you to everyone who took time to give me valuable feedback.


As far as non-stimulant fatburners, I thinky your best bet is a decent daily dose of CLA and caffeine-free green tea extract. Of course, your diet and training should be in line as everyone said.