Non-Stimulant appetite control

Hi all,
A friend of mine is fat, really fat (300lbs.) and his doctor has just put him on a all liquid protein diet (700 kcals/day) until he gets down to 220 or so. Anyway, his insurance will not cover prescription diet pills, but he needs appetite control assistance. Anything containing caffeine, ephedrine, etc. is out because as I recently learned, in starvation diets like his the body can actually eat up heart tissue and any stimulants can cause a heart attack.
Anyway, can anyone reccomend a good non-stimulant appetite control supplement for my friend? I like the good old CAE stack, but like I said I don’t want him to have a heart attack!

5-htp curbs carb craving, possibly increases serotonin, is a relaxant and anti depressant. get the enterically coated capsules w/b vitamins and st johns wort (while st johns doesn’t have any specific effects by itself it is a mild MAO inhibitor and increases the effectiveness of 5-htp) Make sure he is not on other anti depressents or maoi’s as this could cause problems.

Hot-Rox seems like a logical choice.

Question though: I person that overweight can lose fat very quickly on a normal healthy diet. So why the torture of 700 cals per day?

That doctor is a fuckin’ idiot.

I agree with Ike, even considering that the grossly obese tend to lose more fat than muscle on a starvation diet.

Appetite control:

Tons and tons of water-rich veggies. Cucumbers, celery, spinach…

Liters and liters of water. Constantly. Icy cold, or warm with a psyllium fiber supp (in moderation).

A mental technique: ‘picture’ your feeling of hunger in your mind. Be aware of it’s size, shape, color, brightness, texture, smell–however your percieve it. Then, picture the feeling getting dimmer, less intense. Picture it getting foggy and indistinct. Picture it getting smaller and smaller until it shrivels to a speck. Mentally ‘move’ it to the lower left corner of your mental window. Move it away from you until it fades out of sight. (this is fun to try on other feelings, like fear or anger, too).

Yeah I know- The Doc thinks he is at imminent risk of cardiac problems or something. Some history- He’s 46 I think… and has been 300 for most his adult life. Thanks for the advice and I’ll probably tell him to get some 5htp with the St.Johns since I don’t think you can have enough anti-depressants eating 700 kcals a day!

I assume he’s exercising?

Although, if the doctor didn’t put him on any weight control medication, there could be a good reason. IF he decides to take anything, have him talk to the doctor first. Seriously.