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Non Steroidal Anabolics?


Is there anything worth checking out for someone who doesn't want to run AAS again?

This topic came to my mind because I was looking at insulin prices. Humalog is dirt cheap, but it left me thinking 'How come I've never used anything other than AAS? Is the boost from slin without AAS significant?'

Other than AAS and ancillaries, only other things I've ran are clen, ephedrine and albuterol.

Are HGH, peptides, insulin, and whatever else I do not know that is out there, relevant by themselves?


Slin is more anabolic than AAS, but if you fuck up you could kill yourself.


You mean insulin is more anabolic than testosterone? Because I've never heard of anyone gaining more from insulin than a straight cycle. Unless I'm that clueless about slin use

I was hoping for some insight here, since information on anything other than AAS is REALLY scarce, but it seems that most this board can talk about is regurgitating '500mg of Test per week' 'advice'


That's because most of the people who come here to ask for advice on their cycles are hopelessly retarded.

500mg of test per week is something basic and simple enough for them to understand.


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Just out of curiosity, just how dangerous is using slin for anabolic purposes?


You can go hypo very quickly and pass out/die.


not to mention you can screw up your pancreas and become diabetic permanently, ask your friends who are diabetic if its worth it. Can you afford 100,000 plus bill for a few weeks in icu at the hospital?


This topic isn't just about insulin though; it's about all sorts of anabolics out there. I'm curious about other stuff, but information is scarse, obscure and biased.

For example, most 'myostatin inhibitors' are being pushed by the same guys, especially Phil Hernon (who is one of the dumbest internet scam artists, how someone can be even dumber to fall for him is beyond me), and the only people raving about it are the ridiculous goons at PM, claiming '10lbs in 10 days', when everyone else who has tried it reports practically nothing


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