Non-Specialized HSS-100 Q?

Hi, I’m sure this has been answered before, but I’ve found mixing responses within my searches.

My question is - Which bodyparts do you train for multi-muscle group days (ie: chest/shoulders, bicep/tricep)?

Do you HSS100 each musclegroup (sounds intense), or do HSS-100 for one group then add a couple exercise for the other? Or just focus on one musclegroup a couple weeks then switch to the other?

For example, on Chest/shoulders do i:
H - Chest
S - Chest
S - Chest
100 - Chest
add - Shoulders
add - shoulders

or do something like:

H - Chest
H - shoulders
SS - chest
SS - shoulders
100 - chest
100 - shoulders

Thanks for any help.

the first one is correct.

Yea the first setup is the way Thib says to do it in his response posts to questions like these.

I do incline BP as my compound in the super set so that my shoulders get hit as well. Then after the 100 rep I hit the shoulders specifically with an isolation exercise as I’m too worn out to do military press or a similar compound.

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