Non-Specialized HSS-100 Confusion

I’m planning out my original HSS-100 plan and am having trouble figuring out the chest/shoulder, bi/tri, and back/trap days.

Should I just pick one Heavy exercise and then do a Superset or Special exercise for both muscles (ex: one each for chest and shoulders), then finish up with one 100 rep set?

Or should I just switch up the emphasis of the exercise selections every 4 weeks? (ex: fist 4 weeks emphasize chest, then second 4 weeks emphasize shoulders with my exercise selections)?


The way CT explained it was that if doing multiple muscles in one session only one muscle gets the HSS-100 format. So for chest it might look like

Barbell Press 4x6-8
Incline Dummbell Press 3x8-10SS
Incilne Dumbbell Fly 3x10-12
Neck Press 3x10-12
Pec Deck 1x100
Military Press 3x6-8
Lateral Raise 3x10-12

Thanks Scott, but what about the bi’s/tri’s day? Same thing and just alternate the emphasis every four weeks? Or What?