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Non-Soy Veggie Protein


Unfortunately my parents are vegetarian so I'm not allowed to eat meat. This was never much of a problem but since I recently started lifting I need a source with lots of protein. I'm still allowed to eat egg. Any other non-soy vegetarian sources of protein?

Let me just say it sucks being a vegetarian against my will..


Never mind I found another article on this.


The only reason why I could think this would be true is if you are alergic to meat, or not being able/allowed to choose or cook your food (signed a contract for something).


Or you could be in the millitary...? (sorry, I have no experience in which to comment appropriately on this)

EDIT: I'm an idiot. I didn't read the post in its entierty before I posted this and the above...


Eat your parents.


Have you ever discussed the issue with them? How old are you? Do you ever leave the house...Say... Long enough to eat a burger?

Click on the picture in the upper-left hand corner of the screen. They sell a protein powder called Metabolic Drive and Grow!, which both taste excellent and are vegetarian.


Careful Lonnie... there are some on here that will call you a "punk" for suggesting this kid "disrespect" his parents like this... :slight_smile:



Here I will help. Do some research and find what veggies need to be eaten together to compliment one another. Like rice and beans seperate they are incomplete but together thet make a good complete protein.

Best of luck and I say talk to them and get a job. I wouldnt expect them to support your decision buy pating for it. They give you the food of their choice if you dont want that want something different then you'll have to step the hell up. But they should understand and Not FORCE their habits on you give you a choice.

Also while I FAR from a veggie, but it could be worse and you are in a great spot/Like JB I think it was said we should all eat the same as a vegetarian, then add a truck lod of protein on top of that.

Hope that helps,


i dont understand why a parents beliefs and values MUST be forced upon their children. Don't the parents have enough respect and trust in their child to make SOME decisions, especially ones involving values?

Afterall isn't parenting guidance, not strict orderly dictatorship?

I would ask my son to follow so and so advice, but should he not, then that was his choice, ofcourse he would suffer the consequences should the choice be "wrong", but i'm not going to go out of my way and physically punish him just to skew his motivation for making a choice. religion was a bad example, but imagine he chose X and really messed up, when i told him Y, then he would have learned a valuable lesson, that's life.

If i was to physically punish him for not following my guidance, It would just teach him to make choices on the basis of "whatever doesn't get me into trouble", rather than "what is most beneficial to my position, or what i really want to do", which is my philosophy in life, not necessarily others.

Ofcourse this is my opinion and you can raise your kids any damn way you please, but i'm not gonna say i don't get fucking ragingly PISSED when i see some grownup raging on his defenseless son(or daughter), FUCK THAT. gets my blood boiling just talking about it.

being 20 y/o though my current plan is to never have kids.


Yeah i agree with you, except the religion part. I don't want to get into a big religion debate, but to me it's not different than any other lifestlye choice. A framework of beliefs should be passed on to your children sure, but only a framework. Again they should be taught to interpret and develop thier own core beliefs based on that framework. If they decide that they do not want to believe in something, it shouldn't be up to you to force it on them for them to believe. You can't make someone beleive something. They have to choose to.

I'll use myself as an example here. I personally do not believe in God. I never really have. My wife does. So our children go to church with my wife, and I go sometimes to support them, but not always. I don't want my prejudice to affect their ability to decide for themselves what to believe. I also don't want to fake that I believe something just so they will- what would that be teaching them? They know that mom believes and dad doesn't, and they understand (well one of them does, the other is too young) that at some point in their lives they will need to decide what is important for them. When they are old enough and I feel mature enough to decide, they can choose whether or not to attend church.

Otherwise great post. I think it's important for kids to make mistakes to learn too. I think you'd make a good dad based on your opinions, don't count out kids yet. There is absolutely nothing in life like having someone call you dad at the end of the day. Trust me.


Me being a father would support my son If he was able to support and show reasponsibility in his descsions. Be it being gay, vegitarian or what ever. As for advice , I have several freinds who are plant eaters and they ALWAYS have a shake on hand. Albiet I dont really know much about that lifestyle so I could be talking out my arse.



Just out of curiosity, do you have a car? If so, go get your own dinner. I understand that your parents won't buy you meats and such, because you are after all under their roof, but use all passive alternatives you can. Hell, eat at a friend's house sometimes.


share your link plz..

oh and i guess have lots of eggs and milk?
bill pearl ate no meat either, just lots of eggs and milk. and some steroids. haha.

get protein powder, you'll need it.


I also believe religion is not an exception to the rule, i had originally used that in my post, but i too, did not want to get into a huge religion debate, so i left it out. I also share your religious beliefs(disbeliefs?). haha.

thanks for the great discussion.

To the ovo-vegetarian: my advice, eggs are an EXCELLENT source of protein. I would capitalize on that source.


If milk is allowed that's a great source as well.

Each group of vegetable proteins are somewhat lacking, however using proper combinations it is possible, but not easy, to get everything you need. Here is a brief overview:

Group #1) Breads, Cereals, & Grains
Group #2) Legumes (peas, beans, & lentils)
Group #3) Vegetables
Group #4) Nuts & Seeds

Combine group #1 with any other group and you've now got complete amino acid supply.

Personally I'd see if they allow a rice based protien powder, that would solve alot of problems.


If you can't use milk based products, I belive that the added protein that you'll get from soy is more of an advantage than the drawbacks of soy.

Don't take it more than 2wice a day tho. Mabey every other day.



As a fellow veggie, I was faced with this problem for a long time until a friend of mine told me about Quorn. It's made from mushrooms so there's no soy, and it comes in a lot of different varieties. Give it a go, it's been the saving grace of my diet because I was turning into a starch-aterian!



Now that I think about it, some stores sell hemp protein.

But, if you are alowed dairy, any protein powder (especially Grow!/Metabolic Drive) would be better.


Isolated pea protein is available.

LOL check it out..