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Non-Shake Post Workout Meal?


What would a non-shake version of a PWM look like? Any suggestions?


Presumably like food?


Really? :open_mouth:

Maybe some examples, that was kind off what I was looking for when I asked what would it look like...


it would look a lot like the search function.


What is the reason for going with whole foods as opposed to shakes?

For glycogen replenishment and energy support you could get your simple carbs from fruits, and then a protein source such as chicken or fish (low fat) would work well.


A while back, Thibs said that he ate a couple of pieces of fruit, 50-80g of protein and a handful of almonds.

I just eat whatever the hell is in my fridge that gets me close to that.


Thanks for the answer, unlike the two comedians before you... There is no special reason for it, I have nothing against shakes or supplements in general, it is just that I am currently not in the situation where I can get them, but I still want a decent PWM.

Once again, thanks for the answer.


carbs: sweet potatoes, red potatoes, oatmeal, rice, yams, etc
protein: steak, chicken, ground beef, pork, turkey, etc

Any of these combos will work, but you will need to decide the appropriate amount of macros for your goals.

Also, if you can purchase food, you should have no trouble purchasing a protein powder as well. Not sure how that would work otherwise... unless your parents are buying the food.