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Non-Sh!**y Gyms in ATL?

So i just moved here from KansasCity and it seem there is only fashion shows going on at they gym’s. hella LA finesses, with 500 people inside. it seems like the only reason they are there is to get laid, and not train. i just want to go to a place where i don’t have to fight for a squat rack, or anything for the matter. (I.E going to fill up my water and there be 2 people cleaning my weights) if anyone knows a place here. like a mom and pop type of place let me know please.

LA fitness= too crowded
Crunch= singles social hour
Ballys= too far
24hr. there is none
Golds= all franchised and want a fortune to get in.
and they are really tiny…

What part of Atlanta you in…It’s a bit metro area ya know.

[quote]pat wrote:
What part of Atlanta you in…It’s a bit metro area ya know.[/quote]

I reside in Buckhead

My experience with LA Fitness has been great… during off peak hours. On peak is pretty terrible. Like don’t bother going terrible.

This is kind of far for you - but there is a private gym in Hapeville with 24 hr. access. I use it when I am there on business (1 week each month). I go at 5 am and am the only person there. It’s right across from Delta headquarters and it appears that most using the gym are Delta people. Check them out - Olympus Gym (Hapeville) If you went very early AM - it would be about a 10 min comute.

PTI - the one I used to go to was off of Johnson’s Ferry and Lower Roswell Road. They used to have a buckhead location too, not sure if they still do though. It should be noted that it was new when I was going there so it could potentially have a lot bigger crowd now.

Owned by a husband and wife who both were competitive BB/figure at some point.

Thanks for all the help guys, I have bees shopping around an it seems to be that LA runs everything. even in non peak hours there is just too many people than what i am used to. i just moved here from KC and maybe its just the size of the city that is pissing me off.