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Non Sequitur


Thought this was funny. And sad.


Wouldn't it be cool if that place really existed... and we all met there for lunch every day?
The food would be awesome and meat-based, there'd be porn and iron sports on the tv monitors over the bar (which serves liquor AND custom protein shakes), and ....

add to it.


I keep reading the thread title as "Non Squirter" and wonder why it's not in SAMA.

Now I know why...


My thoughts upon seeing this thread title. Parody, Non Squirter.



I'll be awaiting the end product enthusiastically


Haha no time today, someone else can tackle it, hey why not try your hand at it?



And out front street artists giving out free potraits done in charcoal. I like charcoal drawings, my name is NOT Simon lol.


Would Michelangelo let some amateur paint the Sistine Chapel?
Would Homer let some amateur write his "Illiad?"
Would Einstein let some amateur create/propose his theories of relativity?
Would Vegita let some amateur start his epic parody threads?

As my previous examples have demonstrated, I believe only you, sir, hold the power.


Happy endings given by figure athletes after your meal of steak, shrimp, and potatoes


...and...the waitresses are all aspiring figure athlets who make the gals at hooters look like female convicts.


You mean like the Tilted Kilt girls?


Humility. Impressive.


Had to look that up. WTF! Cant believe I've never seen these before.

nom nom nom


this is about right.


^Well done andrew, well done.


My girlfriend works there, good place.


There's no way I can eat and watch porn at the same time.

I once had a girlfriend who was the head waitress at this place called Fellatio's.


Hmm, I might have to open up one of those tilted Kilt's in New England.


"head" waitress lol. Nards, you mean to tell me you never ate at a peeler bar before?


No. In Winnipeg I don't think they even had food at the ones I went to. You could get a bag of chips from the machine, that was it.