Non-Sanctioned Meets

I was wondering how many of you would compete in a non-sanctioned meet if there was cash involved?

This is what the meet would look like:

  • Raw only

  • Wrist wraps, knee wraps, elbow sleeves, 4" belt allowed. Singlet required.

  • No weight classes.

  • 2 hr weigh in.

  • 7 ft power bar (Eleiko, Texas power bar, whatever quality bar) for all three lifts.

  • Walk out squats

  • Any kind of shoes or deadlift slippers

  • Only 2 attempts instead of 3. (Adds in an interesting strategy when picking attempts and speeds up the meet).

  • Best lifter award given based on BW vs total lifted (pound for pound). No formulas like Wilks. Top 3 receive cash award.

  • Top 3 totals receive cash awards also.

1st - $250
2nd - $100
3rd - $50

Would also have a “raffle” drawing for those who did not finish top 3 for prizes such as wrist wraps, knee sleeves, protein, preworkout, gift cards, etc.

Entry fee - $100 capped at 30 lifters

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You had me at compete lel. If you gonna talk about cash then it better be some ProRaw Big Dogs action with 1000s of $$$.

So are we splitting up raw w/ wraps and raw w/o wraps?

Biased hard towards lighter lifters.

Wilks biased towards heavier lifters.

Pick your poison

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In for 1kg class. Just need to squat the bar in my first to take 1st


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Id be interested till I read no weight classes. I’m strong as f but no match total for total for a Decent 242+ or even a not very strong shw.

Reading it as lb for lb gets award and top three heaviest totals win money. Also at $100 a person I think more money could be given.

This would be worse than using wilks, huge advantage to the lightest lifters.

I think they should get rid of ‘best lifter’ awards, you can’t objectively compare 2 lifters who weigh and lift completely different amounts.

But to answer the question, yes I would be open to entering an un sactioned meet with no weight classes (although $100 seems steep)

I wouldn’t spend $100 for this. Especially since I’m not a fat powerlifter.

No issue with the non-sanctioned thing.

BTW, remember when ‘unsanctioned’ was like a big hardcore thing in combat sports? Haha

More Gambling! Higher Stakes!

You should be able to buy a 3rd attempt. $25-$50 tossed into the Pot for a shot at a bigger total.


This is the only problem. No SHWs can squat or pull 3xbw but plenty of lightweights can.

Throwing an idea out.

You re-instate weight classes, but rather than best lifter on bw multiple (biased) its best lifter based on % of current world record for their weight class?

Best is then defined as how close you are to, you know, actually being the best. Closest to best = wins.

The idea of pound for pound was trying to make it even for the lighter lifters getting in on the cash and the heavier guys getting in on the cash with a bigger total. That was my thinking on it. What would be better? Putting 123-198 in one class and 220-SHW in one class for best lifter instead of worrying about cash for a total? I’m trying to avoid handing out “pity” awards for first place in the 220 masters class age 70-74 type stuff.

More $ could be given out once overhead was figured out since I know nothing about how much it costs to run a meet and what kind of sponsorship I could get. I figure many lifters would be interested if there was cash involved. Its not out of the realm of possibility to do $500 cash for first place.

@khangles - As far as knee wraps/sleeves, wear whatever you want. No difference.

The idea behind this is just a no nonsense kind of meet where I want to see some great lifting done by some strong lifters earning some cash for their efforts. At 30 lifters with all the normal different weight classes, there isn’t as much cash to throw around to each lifter. I’d rather the best take the cash. So whether its no weight classes with cash going to best pound for pound and biggest total, lighter and heavier lifters can be competitive or splitting up lightweights and heavyweights, I want it as fair as possible for everyone.

Unless you are a mid-30’s Ed Coan, then you might take home all the cash!

ProRaw try to do something similar with Big Dogs 1/2 annually but they don’t bother with fairness and all that shit, just invite a couple of SHWs + Eric Lilliebridge with highest total wins and Malanichev takes home the big money.

Sleeves with wraps on top it is lel.

Seriously tho now you’re fucking all the dudes who use sleeves. Maybe Ray Williams and a handful of lifters could hold their own in sleeves but you may as well make this a wrapped comp to make it simple and “fair” cos that’s what you’re going for.

ffs man now we are disadvantaging the middle weight lifter lel. It’s not like in decades of power lifting competition there’ve been no attempts to find a fair approach to comparing lifters. Wilks may not be perfect or pretty but is used a lot for a reason.

Have a read of strongerbyscience’s article “Who’s The Most Impressive Powerlifter?”

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Wasn’t something like this posted in that other thread… can’t remember.

So we talking drug tested WR or yolo blast and cruise WRs or shifty federations with fourth attempts, big bumpers plates to get extra whip out the deadlift bar (WRPF), touch and go before the press command, 3 white lights for soft knees and downward movement (ala Reebok Record Breakers 2017) just to break records?

Probably unlikely but if in this system what if a world record or two is broken or matched in a meet?

Ultimately Im not sure it matters if the standard is consistent?

Whether my total is measured against a tested IPF WR of, say, 2000lb, or some shifty federations WR of, say, 2400lb, as long as everyone in my weight class is measured against the same bar, the best lift still wins.

Across weight classes, same thing, as long as its a WR set under the same asvantages / disadvantages Its consistent.

If I pulled 1500 against a WR of 2000lb my score is 75%. you break a world record your measurement would be 100+%. Still a case of highest wins though, 102% beats 101%.

All said to me it would make sense to use the world records from the most populted federation, so I guess IPF? For the highest n value. Usong a federation that only has 10 lifters isnt going to give you fair represenations across the weight classes and un-tested division records will, I suspect, disadvantage the SHW’s because there are a lot more huge guys juiced to the ears trying to set flat out records for weight lifted, without consideration for weight class, than there are guys doing the same for the 45kg mens record.

Its a rough system but its a simple, easy, reasonable and ‘fair’, as far as the word can go, system for an unsanctioned meet without panels of people and boardsaking decisions. Just delegate that leg work to the IPF.

IPF… fuck that shit. Powerliftingwatch instead

Happy to delegate to the big boys on which numbers we should use.

Was kidding…

@khangles - if you only wear sleeves, thats too bad. You might be at a disadvantage to other lifters. I’m not trying to please everyone.

I could go light weight, middle weight and heavy weight. 132-181, 198-242, 275-SHW? Is that more fair? Just leaves less cash on the table for those in first place…

They did something like that at the World Games this year, you win by Wilks within your weight class which is like 3 classes combined.

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Heck ya, that’s a great idea