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Non-Responsive Biceps Workouts

Hey CT,
I’m going to implement the routines you have suggested in your article https://www.t-nation.com/training/workouts-for-non-responsive-biceps.

Firstly Ill start with the ‘Million dollar Challenge’ routine done everyday for 3-4 weeks than take a week off, then do the ‘Staggered Sets’ routine done for another 3-4 weeks.


  1. Ive done the ‘Million dollar Challenge’ first to target my fast twitch fibers following this routine with the ‘Staggered Sets’ to emphasize the pump, good idea?

  2. On the ‘Staggered Sets’ routine, should I implement normal biceps exercises throughout the week to compliment, if so, how would that look?

  3. On the ‘Million dollar Challenge’, ill be doing that on the ‘Built for Bad’ program and I was thinking of adding the 10 total sets within the circuit doing a set after each bench press and military press. Good idea or should I do all 10 sets after i finish the circuit, I finish around 35-45 mins? If so, how long rest between sets?

  4. On the ‘Million dollar Challenge’, can i alternate between 2 biceps exercise ie Rope Hammer Curls and Preacher Curls, or can I only do 1 exercise for the duration?

Thanks for the help with this,