"Non-Responder" - Over 10 Years of Training = Zero Profits

And we found the culprit.

As has already been suggested do Super Squats or Mass Made Simple to the letter. Most importantly heed the advice of eating and no cardio. The mass made simple book even has a log built into it.
Keep a log here with workouts and diet. All long term posters here are more than willing to help anyone showing consistent hard effort.

Don’t be afraid of some fat gain.

Also how May grams protein are you eating per day and how many total calories?

What is your blood sugar after fruit (exactly with units since different countries use different units)? I find hypo hard to believe if diabetes is the culprit. That effect would be the opposite of diabetes.


Ok then.

In clear and certain terms, state what we can do to assist you.

Also, state what you are willing to do differently to accomplish that.


This thread is really irritating me for some reason. Kudos to you all for staying engaged.

OP, I say this sincerely: why not just take up running or cycling or something? A totally different pursuit. It sounds like this one isn’t for you. I suspect because you’re determined to discover a reason it isn’t (we tend to find what we seek), but maybe you’re right that this is as far as your human physiology takes you and lifting weights in any rep range or intensity makes you weaker. If either of those are true, what would be your next step/ expectation? If you enjoy training, and appreciate the health benefits, maybe you’d enjoy chasing a totally different goal?


It’s like some weird Benjamin Button thing, but for lifting.

Great advice. Another option is “skill-based” training. I could be biased because it’s part of what I’m into now, but learn olympic lifting, double unders, gymnastics stuff, etc… rather than focus on strength gains (or the lack thereof).


My recommendation to the OP, if his claims are correct, would be to stop obsessing about strength/muscle size and focus on an activity with a comparatively large caloric expenditure - hiking, cycling/MTB (trails in Tatra mountains are awesome) to compensate for an alleged insulin sensitivity problem and when his alleged DOMS allows would be to do a super minimalist practice, not a workout - something like Dan John’s kettlebell armor complex, Pavel’s 20 minute swing + pushup practice etc.

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My guess is that a lot of this is related to a lack of protein intake. I know when I don’t match my protein to my activity level DOMS is significantly worse.

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I have 180-220 or sometimes 240 proteins per day.
+3 grams per kg of body mass.

Looking jacked dude keep up the hard work


You’re right and…

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Well, everything seems to be stacked against you, why continue then?

Find another physical activity that burns a lot of calories (I’d suggest mountain biking, you’d fit right in physique-wise), keep up the high protein intake and after a while you’ll be able to reverse engineer your resistance training needs to improve the performance of your activity of choice, even if it’s something as simple as shoulder assistance work with resistance bands or a calisthenics push up/pull up combo.


I question how you are achieving this with the diet you have listed above?

I eat a metric crap ton of food everyday including many very high protein items. I struggle to hit 250 grams a day and I am by no means small (280 lbs - not sure what that is in kilos I think around 125). Healthy food and the volumes you need to eat in to consume that level of protein and your self reported diet do not line up.

You do know that grams of protein is not equal to grams of chicken (or other food) eaten right?

What did you eat for every meal today?


These old EFS videos are classic

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Fly fishing is a good pass-time.

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“Really want to know the truth Dave? Milk and Dbol man.”

Just classic.


This may not be a popular, but hey-ho. “Perhaps” a lower stress / more targeted approach “may” be better opinion for yourself.
A focus on single joint movements for a more localised less systematically fatiguing approach (note im not saying cut all multi joint movements).
This certainly wouldnt be MY preferred appoarch, however under the circumstances it may be a better appoarch for someone such as yourself, given what youve said would strongly indicate youve an extremely low tolerance to intense physical stress.

Please read about the myopathic form of carnitine palmitoyl transferase deficiency. The most “common” muscle disease in adults (though very rare). I believe you may find some striking similarities with the symtoms you’ve described.

Being a physician, I recommend you discuss this with your doctor. There are more scientific articles available, but I believe the link below may be readable for anyone interested.

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This dude was fat then did a lot of cardio and starved himself. He now most likely has an eating disorder. Where is all this protein he is eating?

That is some of his food intake and he added 8-12 km a day because he gains fat easily?

He needs professional help or it is a troll or both.


Oof. Spidey senses going off the meter with this one.