"Non-Responder" - Over 10 Years of Training = Zero Profits

Have you considered that I would value your advice more if you elaborated on this?

OP, @pettersson is a doc who lifts; well worth your time to give him some details and see what he recommends


Its Paul Carter


I appreciate that sentiment dude. But I’m evil and irresponsible and a bad influence doncha know? :wink:


We won’t know for sure until he calls him a clown dick! :wink:
I’m sorry but… that one will forever be in my vocabulary :laughing:


Totally agree, do not try and copy this guy!

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To be fair the time he said clown dick the person was actually being a clown dick.

I dont really think it Paul by the way, i was just messing :rofl:


Totally agree, it was just hilarious.

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asm is 61.

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The thread is old enough now that I want to be the first to point out the comedy that a non-responder has yet to respond to anything written here.


At least he’s consistant?


If only he could apply that dedication to nutrition and working hard.

My guess is he doesn’t work out hard enough or consistent enough.
Like Dan John says “[lifting] is simple. That doesn’t mean it’s easy”.


This is typical here. New person makes a comment and 50 post later hasn’t responded to anything. All while the regulars go at each other.


Fightin’ Irish!?!

For the aspiring interwebz detectives -1) the greeting term “heya” is highly specific; 2) everyone seems to have missed the 405 front squat (for reps?) challenge.

Also want to point out that wrt these types of thread starters, there is a subltle difference between a cry for help, and an interwebz “flex” of "I am the most deprived/oppressed/un-gifted etc. etc. etc.

The woe-is-me “flex” is always a waste of time.


Welcome back.

I see a lot of people didn’t take my post seriously. Disgusting and unprofessional(?).

I thought T Nation was a place where there are people with more knowledge and understanding than the “bro science” forum that anyone can find on Facebook or similar sites.

End. It’s not important and off topic :raised_back_of_hand:


I read your comments and questions:

I have been training CONSISTENTLY for over 10 years

As a kid, I had hormone issues: thyroid, low testosterone, very high levels of prolactin and cortisol.
Today I am 32 years old and I still have a problem with very high cortisol and prolactin.
Testosterone is now normal, TSH too.

I also had problems with carbohydrate intolerance.
When I ate a lot of them (over 70 grams per meal) I got HYPOGLYCAEMIA (like a person with diabetes).
I’ve been working on my insulin sensitivity over the years - I’ve lost over 40 kg (80 lbs?)
I insert a photo:

For years I have been struggling with the problem of overtraining.

YES - I often check hormone levels, do blood tests.

After training, usually 2-3 days, I have an elevated body temperature and CRP.
The stronger/heavier the training is (for example 5x5 like Rippetoe) on a scale of 8-9 RPE = the more side effects I have and the CRP goes up.

In 2021, after squat training, I underwent rhabdomyolysis (dark urine, high creatine kinase, severe pain in the thighs).

Despite years of training, I still get DOMS.

I am currently trying minimalist methods.

When doing, for example, “bro split”, my body after a cycle of 8-10 weeks is very tired and the weights in the bench press drop by 5-10 kg).

Forgive my poor English.

Basically, you have medical conditions that prevent you from achieving the benefits of resistance training.

Okay, so…

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You saying I’m an asshole!?!

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