"Non-Responder" - Over 10 Years of Training = Zero Profits

Sorry for my poor English - I’m not native!

I trained over 10 years in the gym:

  • The only progress I made was in the first 6-10 weeks.
  • after that, I did not notice ANY increase in strength or muscle mass.
  • tried many types of training (volume/intensity).
  • I gain weight very easily, but it’s just fat.

Until a few years ago, when I wrote about my problem, people thought I was a troll. Today we often hear about people called “non-responders”. I think I belong to this group, but I still do not believe and I am fighting for any profit.

I’ll be trying a muscle batch every 15-20 days - my recovery totally sucks.

I have very high prolactin and cortisol levels.
Testosterone is in the upper normal range.
The tendency to be skinny-fat.

Pressing: 55 kg
Squat: 60-65 kg

When I started (2009):
Pressing: 42 kg
Squat: 35 kg

My strength stopped growing after 2-3 months of training.
Muscle and strength never grew, even when my weight increased by 10-15 kg.

I think my progression was neural adaptation.

What more can you say?

I have hired many trainers. Some said they had never seen anyone react so crappy to lifting.

In my case, harder training even causes a decrease in performance and an increase in CRP, a decrease in testosterone.

If I posted this topic in the wrong section, please move it.
Sorry for bad english.

At the risk of feeding a troll…

What does your training, diet, and sleep look like, specifically?

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Two miracle cures

McRobert writes articles for this very site.

Also consider this


@Dan_John has written MANY articles for this site, and is amazing


Are you saying you train a muscle group once every 2 - 3 weeks?

What does this even mean? It can’t all be true at the same time. You had nerual adaptations but never gained strength? What adapted? You gained 30 lbs., but no muscle? I think this is impossible even if 98% was just getting fat… at least your calves would hypertrophy from walking to the bathroom.

Do you seriously measure your labs to this level of detail? That’s pretty pricey.

What do you want us to say?

There are a couple things that could be going on here:

  1. You aren’t being honest with us or yourself
  2. Your “10 years of training” is mostly reading the Internet and telling folks you’re different
  3. Something medically extraordinary is going on with you (hard to believe, because it would have been diagnosed if you’re doing all those labs mentioned above)

To be blunt: I find it impossible to believe somebody trained hard and consistently for 10 years with no results. In fact, I find it impossible anybody did anything with intensity and consistency for a decade with no results without quitting. A person of that fortitude would have conquered all of human existence by now.


@Andrewgen_Receptors @T3hPwnisher it’s pretty rare I’m the meanest one. Am I just grumpy today?


Could tell you to do this and that differently or my intuition on what your case is but what’s the point?

Lifting weight isn’t important, who cares, don’t feel bad about any of it. Just live your life and forget about that.

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so the one time you poke your head out of PWI, you post some dumb shit like this on a BODYBUILDING forum? Why did you come here again?

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I wanted him to give details so he could come out of the closet and tell us one (or more) of the following:

  • “I actually only lift rubber-coated 15lb dumbbells like once a week, following the Richard Simmons routine I watch on the VCR I found in my mom’s basement”
  • “The only recipes I like are Paula Deen”
  • “My dream physique resembles that of Napoleon Dynamite”

Meh, it’s just coming at it from a bigger perspective, there is no chance he is going to do a full 180 degree and drastically start to make gains after 10 years.

Now of course you’re gonna write a bunch of opinions here just to hear yourself talk (or see yourself write) thinking it is really going to make a difference in his case.

And are you even natural like him yourself, and if you are are you really so accomplished or knowledgeable that the particular thing you will say will make the difference for him?

If he’s training and eating like shit, I’d disagree - hence my first post.

I went from this:
To this:

In 14 months with 8 months on TRT, but you’re right. I don’t know what I’m talking about.



Meh… this IS a strength and conditioning forum. Odd thing to say. As long as OP is incorporating some form of physical fitness though I could agree. 90% of people walking the planet don’t look like they lift.

I can kind of agree with the sentiment that he’s unlikely to pull a 180 as well. Still he hasn’t provided the specifics needed to even try helping. Due to the language barrier and specifics needed its probably a losing battle.


I’m a big fan of the phrase “argue for your limitations and you will get them”.

Dude wants to be a non-responder. Cool.


I get what you’re saying, but I feel like if you take the time to do something for 10 years and you never get better at it, you should feel bad about it.

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I think you misunderstood him.
I actually got the idea(i believe) and it is not offensive at all. Many times i have people comming up to me and talking about their problems. Sometimes its about strength stuff, sometimes about fights. I have had guys being beat up for years, not progressing anywhere. I have seen fat girls complaining about how hard it is to lose weight and they cant do it for years, etc.
I actually always say the same thing. Not everyone has to be athletic. I understand that some people want that, but its just not for everybody, and its just weight or its just fighting - who cares. There is more to life, especially if your body says : “fuck you” when you try to do something.

I really get that idea because i am so obsessed about some of that shit myself that i actually hurt myself, i hate myself sometimes, and i feel disgusting and i dont even enjoy life anymore. Just because i need to gain half an inch to my arm, lift a bit heavier, or i go home and cry about how shit i was in the last sparring against a guy who is on the next level and i will never be him.

So for the @nrfp there are 2 choices. If it really feels like pain in the ass - drop it. Find something else. There are tons of cool stuff to do.
But if you really want to do this, then you have to be ready to accept faults in you, and dig really deep. There are different medical issues you might need to check and that will cost a lot.

Take me for example. My whole life i eat like 6000-8000kcals to bulk, but i lose huge amount of weight in 3 days if i stop eating. Its hard for me to build muscle.
Turns out i have a bit overactive thyroid and my insulin sensitivity is shit, so i basically dont absorb half the food i eat, and that is the reason why my BP on a bulk is close to 150, but when i do 24h fasting it drops to normal 123 in one day. Basically food is destroying me.
So my choices are - either go deep in medicine and fix it, or just say “screw this” and enjoy that no matter what i eat i will always be lean.


I actually agree in this instance :+1:



Between this and some other threads, you’re coming off SO welcoming…I get it, you got some work in, responded well on TRT, and bam…you think you’re all that and a bag of chips.

Go win something, have someone win something with your help, better yet, make that plural, till than, be a bit better in helping and relaying information than trying to shut folks down.

Front squats@405 and the loser leaves? (in one form or another, been here since the beginning) >FYI, best thread in the history of TN<

Have a good one.

IF - the OP is actually right in his shortcomings at the gym - it raises a very valid question: Is there a medical illness holding him back? I would assume stress, sleep deprivation or any psychiatric illness/medication would prove development somewhat difficult. Other aspects include lack of insight with totally wrong training regime, diet or recovery (see above). Even if his genetics were unforgiving, you would expect a minor degree of progress. Some kind of stress is buried here…

The OP needs to provide more information.


Hmm… you mean like what i did here?

…? Right.

Thanks for the unsolicited advice, internet rando, but I’m going to treat it like a free stock tip and fucking ignore it.

Have a nice day

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You should check his post history in the Ukraine thread. Dudes basically a Russian disinformation operative.

He’s not entirely wrong here, but OP has provided no details for us to go on other than 10 years and no progress. If his training and diet have been shit for 10 years, his lack of progress wouldn’t surprise me.


Guess I’m of the age where I have no clue what “internet rando” means, lol. You’re not getting how you’re coming off lalely, but hey, you know better, just listen to yourself. I rarely post these days, and have had to switch monikers over the years for various reasons, so yeah, you have no idea who I am, what I’ve done, just someone calling you out for feeling yourself.

Won anything in bodybuilding/powerlifting? Trained anyone who did? Got decades in the game? You come off a certain way lately, but you don’t have the skin in the game to be talking the talk, when you can’t walk the walk. How long you been on TRT, but laying down advice like it’s been decades?

Tons of folks past and present paid their dues, gave great advice, and didn’t come off like you, slow your roll a bit. Tons of guys jumped on TRT and made big jumps, gratz.

Guys like Stu handled things with humility and grace, even when Prof X was spouting dribble and insulting him…you should look at those posts, and emulate.

Tighten it up, think T3hPwnisher, and the like, lately.

Take care