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Non-Press Exercises to Improve Military Press?

Currently doing 531. On my 10cycle, things have been going fairly well. However in the last month ive been shooting close to 200 basketball shots everyday + dribbling work.(aspiring baller) Pressing strength has declined due to the new workload as expected. however, there’s alot of elbow extension and pressing which has bothered my right elbow abit(had an injury before).

So long story short, are there any non-pressing exercises you can do to increase shoulder strength in military press (and even bench press if possible) as id like to reduce the amount of pressing exercises. thanks in advance!

extreme incline flyes on the swiss ball. alternate between high incline to flat every other rep.

Lateral raises, front raises, upright rows (yes, I said it). I believe that if you do you milatary press without locking the elbows at the top, you’ll be fine.

alo: no swiss ball at my gym, so not really possible.

nik: hmmm,i could do without the lockout during my assistance lifts. thanks!

any heavy triceps and shoulder work should do, but IMO its pretty hard to increase a lift without even training it. Will you get big shoulders without overhead presses? I beleive you could, but will you have a huge overhead press? Probs not.

Heavy ab work. Thoracic Mobility exercises. Benching. In that exact order.

bignate: hey! thanks for the advice. what i meant was a substitute for assistance exercises. So overhead press is still a main lift of mine, but id rather not do pressing movements as an assistance for O.P (still do BBB for bench though) due to the reasons above. (:

stb: ill be sure to chk those out. your advice are usually golden. thanks!