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Non-Prescribed TRT????

I started with test cyp 150/week and equipoise 300/week. I split it into 2 doses every three days. I’m completely inexperienced having never done this before and started this on recommendation of someone I knew to help with my endurance racing/training. It has worked great as my endurance/power has gone through roof as well as helping my power to weight ratio. I have been on for about 6 weeks and I have a couple questions.

  1. Nut shrink (I’ve read threads that it’s normal) is there a way to counteract this?
  2. At the low levels that I’m on do I need to cycle off and do some sort of post therapy or can I
    just drop the equipoise at 20 weeks and continue with 150/week on the test cyp?
  3. How important is it to get tested? Are there outside sources or ways to get it done without
    going to a doc (not really crazy about them knowing I’m supplementing without doctors