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Non-Percentage Based Progression Schemes

Hey Coach!

What would you say in your opinion is a good way to program progression for people that don’t want to deal with percentages?

For example would you suggest using double progression like 4x6-8 (once hits 8 reps on all sets, add 10lbs).

Just curious on what you would suggest for long term progress. Thank you!!!

My staple when I was young was really simple and worked REALLY well.

I’d pick a weight I could hit a set number of reps with. Then from that training session, I would set a goal, and just chase it. This kept my volume pretty low, but kept me focused and kept me to a routine for long periods at a time.

I remember incline pressing the 100’s for 10. They were the heaviest the gym had. But I wanted to do them for 15. That took a while, but it kept me basic in my training which is what most guys should be doing at that level.

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