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Non-Official Growth Factor Glutes

Hi CT, I have been loving your growth factor workouts and have attempted to come up with one for glutes. I have copied your methods of extending time under tension and creating max metabolic stress, and used exercises based on brett contreas research into mean/peak muscle activation. Any improvements and feedback would be much appreciated.

All exercises done as a complex, same as other GF workouts

1a - hip thrust bottom partials x 5
1b - hip thrust top partials x 5
1c - hip thrust full rep x 10
3 x rounds

2a - dbell single leg RDL x 10
2b - low cable single leg RDL x 10
2c - mid cable single leg RDL x 10
3 x per leg

3a - sumo kbell deadlift x 6-8
3b - sumo kbell deadlift from block x 6-8 (top half)
3c - bodyweight wide stance squat x 6-8
3d - bodyweight jump squat x 6-8
3 x rounds

4a - donkey kick straight leg x 10
4b - donkey kick( leg straight making rainbow shape) x 10
4c - fire hydrant(hip abduction) x 10
4d - donkey kick leg bent x 10
3 x rounds

5 - hip thrust max pump, 5 reps + 5 sec iso hold top position, 4 reps + 4sec hold, 3 reps + 3 sec hold, 2 + 2, 1 + 1 (HDL max pump)
x 3 rounds

Also in regards to single leg vs both legs in complex 2 & 4 which would you prefer, each side separately, alternating legs each rep or both legs if possible?.

Thank you CT

Anyone have any thoughts on this? A woman I train with loved it and said it hit the right muscles.
Once again thanks CT for all the knowledge you share