Non-Milky Whey Protein Powders?

I like to mix a diluted whey protein drink to sip while I’m working out (15-20 grams with lots of water). Maybe it’s psychological but the idea of drinking a milkshake-type drink… I just assume I would puke.

I’ve tried Syntrax “Nectar” and it’s good (various fruit flavors, kind of like watered down juice, not milky). But most flavors have all kinds of artificial food coloring (why does my shake need to glow in the dark? This is supposed to be a healthy activity). And it’s pretty expensive compared to other whey proteins.

On the positive side, it’s really easy to digest, and comes in flavors I’m not sick of yet (I’ve already drank an ocean of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry protein drinks. A little change-up is nice).

If somebody else made a juice-like whey protein, that wasn’t absurdly expensive and loaded with artificial colors, I’d like to know. Especially because Syntrax as a brand sells other trendy stuff that seems like it might be junk (burners and blasters and prohormones etc). I’m not sure about their brand in general, to be honest.

Wasnt there a brand called “Any Whey” that you could add to anything?

IsoPure. its pretty expensive but the fruit flavors are perfect for what you want.