NON-Milk Based Protein Powder?

Does anyone know of any good ones out there, and if so do tell!! :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m giving up dairy for a bit…I don’t eat eggs often( they hurt my tummy) so I need SOMEthing for breakfast!!

Gemma Protein perhaps?


AWESOME!! That sounds PERFECT!!
Thanks~ :slight_smile:

um, ya…I found some Hemp protein at the natural food store yesterday…waste of $30 for 1 stinky 1b of that stuff…I don’t know what I was thinking!!! ;<

Has anyone tried the ‘pea,’ protein?

How about meat?

mom-in-MD Have you tried orxy goat whey? This is a milk based protein but does not have the lactose that other milk based proteins do, and if you’re having digestive problems from protein that is most likely why. If it’s not that you might try taking in smaller amounts at a time (i.e. 20g or under) and also NOT mixing it with milk. If you even are.

My girlfriend has had some problems with even non-milk based proteins and I’ve come to think that some people just can’t digest, or are not used to digesting as much protein as others. If you need more help, suggestions, or have other questions PM me.