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Non-Meat Complementary Protein Ratios


From what I understand, most non-meat sources of protein are incomplete and lacking all essential amino acids. Seeing is this will hinder muscle recovery, a good source of complete protein is necessary. Besides meats, you can mix complementary proteins such as rice and beans or peanut butter on wheat bread and attain all 10 essential amino acids.

But what ratio should you mix them to get the maximum amino acids without overeating on the carbohydrate end? What ratio would maximize proper amounts of all amino acids?


Why not just eat meat?


You should focus on getting your protein from meat. Any protein you get from plant sources should be seen as incidental.


There seem to be a lot of vegan threads this week


Once a protein broken down in the body, amino acids are amino acids.


Just eat your food. No one is going to list the ratio of every combination of foods that have incomplete proteins.


Ummm, why not just get a good quality protein powder?


I say get your protein from a good protein powder like myolean.


i don't have much going on this week


Probably a vegan, in which case milk products will be off the table...

I agree on protein powder if it's just a vegetarian though.


I don't disagree, but that's not what I was getting at.

I was trying to say that focusing on plant sources for protein is a bitch for someone who needs 300g+ daily.

If one holds no reservations towards meat consumption, why even bother worrying about mixing plant sources to get protein?

I get the impression OP is looking for a work around to consume less animal protein.


I eat meat, but I also want to explore vegan diets down to a science. I fully understand the convenience of eating meat/dairy for your essential amino acids. Its good to know stuff!


Because eating meat with EVERY SINGLE MEAL disgusts some people? Including myself.


Bonez is a closet veggie!


I think meat is better utilised. I certainly feel a whole lot better (and perform better)when my protein is primarily meat and not dairy, nuts, legumes or supplements. Could be vitamin and mineral related but digestion and utilisation of meat protein is better than most other forms, especialy plant based proteins.


x2. And it's expensive.


They're coming from ALL SIDES!


Off of a rough estimate, 30% (max) of my protein intake is from meat/fish.

The rest is whey and pea protein powder, MD, milk, eggs, and everything else.

The more meat I eat the more pro-biotics I need to take.

Digestion is an extremely individual thing, I think.



Buckwheat (complete protein)
Quinoa (complete protein)
Hemp (complete protein, maybe even higher quality than the above, IIRC)

~Oats (BV ~80)

Sour-leavened grains (triple the bio-active lysine)

Personally, I could eat meat at every meal. Maybe with some added butter. And french fries. And garlic.


Can we get some weight ratios too please. I want to make sure when I mix my dry rice and beans or what-have-you I have a balance or aminos most equivalent to an egg source. thanks.


Another veg here. Without protein powder I would be screwed. I use 5-6 lbs. a month at least. I don't know how vegans can do it. Rice & soy protein I guess. I but the best stuff I can afford, try to avoid the cheaper stuff, & eat a lot of peanut butter. One bummer about being a vegetarian is everything is loaded with carbs. Everything