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Non-Mass Specific Training?


What'sup guys!

I've been working out for a long time now, always wanting to get bigger and stronger. I have now realized I have reached a point beyond which I wouldn't like to grow anymore. I'm not HYOOOGE in any means, but I do carry 17.5" arms, a chest that makes anybody in my gym envious (my gym is small! :), and shoulders that don't fit through my door. I'm currently 220lbs and cutting.

I would like to build something like a martial artist's / greek decathlete body. I would like to maintain the muscle I have, and train it with endurance specific workouts. I'm planning on commisioning in the US Army Infantry in a few years and would like to be a fast runner (currently 15 min. 2 miles, goal is 12 minutes), strong, be able to do several hundred pushups without tiring, and so on ..

I think you guys get the picture. Do you have any recommendations as far as workout goes? Any articles that describe such a "maintainance/muscle-endurance" workout?

Thanks a lot!


In the words of Veronica Corningstone

"Stop calling your arms guns!"


LOL. Ok. *ARMS... Any constructive input?


My friend does a workout in the pool. He does his cardio by swimming some laps, but after he is done that, he does a little workout that sounds pretty tough. He swims one lap, gets out, and does 30 push ups. Swims one more lap, gets out, and does 25 push ups. Continue like that until you are down to 0 push ups.
I think there are all sorts of things you can do for this type of training. Sprinting on the sand at the beach, or even in waist or knee-deep water. Any type of HIIT is good. You can be really creative when you're talking about this type of training.