Non-Linear Periodization

I like this program/ Nonlinear Periodization for Size and Strength

I was wondering how one would progress on this set up? There are no percentages in the article and no word on the “periodization”

I am used to 5/3/1, the texas method, and a linear 5x5 so I am used to set percentages and numbers. Anything like that for this program?



If you were to use this structure you’d have to feel things out.

Load wise feel free to use 90-100% for the very heavy days, 80-90% for the heavy, and 70-80% for the moderate. It depends on the reps you’re going for and your condition of the day.

For progression, pick a max and run with it. If you’re a novice-intermediate you may able to add some pounds during the cycle and increase intensity.

Honestly the article lays out a very barebone strucutre without much detail. You can probably find other programs which follow a similar principle of manipulating intensity throughout the cycle.

If you stick with it make sure to not forget the bigger picture: set goals, increase effort/challenge gradually and make sure to get adequate rest.