Non-Injectable Alternative?

Hey guys, Does anyone know of a none- injectable alternative to Testosterone Enanthate?

Its my first Deca cycle and i want to keep things as simple as possible, so would rather not do more than 1 injection per week.

Hit me back.

Why would that complicate anything?

300-400 mg’s injected every monday along with 250-300 mg’s of test E in the same shot. You can mix the juice. I just wouldn’t recommend anymore than 2cc’s in one spot other than the glutes.

then another test E on like thurs

thats simple enough…

Yeah Deca with no Test is not a move I’d make.
I’m on Cyp and Deca right now myself. I have only ever injected Deca as a once a weeker.
The dbol and deca pairing I also think is flawed. Deca must be used for at least 8 weeks to be effective and 12 is preferred. I don’t know many people who used dbol for 8 weeks, much less 12. You should have some Test running alongside that Deca.

I also choose to always run more Test than Deca. The very least I’d recommend is equal ratios.

I def. agree with bushido. Just mix Test and Deca in the same shot. You can also shoot up to 3ml in your quads as well btw.

Thanks guys.

Maybe I’m spoiled cause I’ve only ever shot boldenone and don’t know how painful others can be, but I don’t understand all the hubub about injections.

My first couple injections kinda were something to get used to, but I don’t dread my shots at all. I would shoot every day with no worries, the whole event takes 5 minutes from drawing the juice to rubbing the alcohol pad on my skin and throwing everything away. I have never experienced any pain with inj sites either.

Thats because Eq is such a long acting ester the injection pain won’t be to bad. Try injecting Test Prop or inject winstrol into your shoulder or tricep and let me know how you feel haha. Its not a plesant feeling for the first week or so. But also everyone is different but my opinion if your going to use don’t bitch and just work through the pain

Im sure ill be of the same oppinion once iv done this cycle.
As its my first time injecting im entitled to be a little cautious.