Non-GMO Soy Everyday, Any Sides?

Hello. 2 months ago I completely switched to vegetarian diet.
My protein intake comes from 3 main sources: Eggs, cottage/goat cheese and whey protein. Also, I get some protein from peanut butter, oats and yoghurt.
At the moment, I eat egg whites and some yolk twice a day, and I was never a fan of eggs taste. I’v been thinking to reduce the egg intake and to add cooked soy (100g/3.55 oz) to my meal on a daily basis.
However, I read various (conflicting) reports on soy my entire life. Some articles praise the soy, other say it can wreak havoc on male lifters and men in general (hormone disbalance etc).
Is there anyone who’s been taking soy for longer periods of time that can help me, is it safe do eat soy everyday?

I would not do it.

Why soy if you are vegetarian? So many other options.

A RECENT meta-analysis state there is no link between soy and male reproduction hormones. You may safely continue to eat your soy.

Another discussion is whether soy is to be considered a high grade protein source. The debate continues.

Since you are also adding other sources of protein I would not worry. Eat varied, do not stick with soy as your only source of protein, is a pragmatical advice.

Yes, as a flexitarian I eat soy 1-2 times a week. Try to keep my diet as varied as possible, not ruling out anything to be considered normal or healthy. See Christian Thibaudeau’s latest article on diets. Don’t be hard on yourself.

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what is the reason your a vegan ?

This shit is sold to women to help increase their estrogen when they hit menopause and its all soy based. NO THANKS

Most of the studies were 12 weeks or less on old people(60 and older.) DHT was found to effected in some as was estrogen levels.There are more things than just testosterone and short term studies are not long enough to show lasting effects.

Yes, it is interesting looking at the details. But the elderly population is a good study population, considering they already have deranged hormones, meaning more sensitive to alterations.

I also saw one study recently, actually stating a “safe” level of ingestion - can’t remember exactly, was it less than 10 weekly rations? (What is a ration? Bodybuilders eat a lot). What happens if you eat more? I also remember a youtube trainee, who stated he did bloodwork before and after a period of soy diet - no difference what so ever, according to that person. The clip should be easy to look up.

The debate certainly continues, but the OP should be on the safe side nevertheless, considering his minor intake.

Does it even work? :laughing:

Her Dr recommended them and it messed my ex up bad.

I’m sorry to hear that, and also surprised that such a supplement even has an effect to report. This is a mystery. She isn’t allergic to soy, is she?

Does it contain anything else than soy?

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Its been a long time ago. My point was that if soy caused a female to have issues, imagine what it could do to a male.

Check out this article by TC Luoma one of the founder of Bio-Test and Tmag: Bad Protein

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Mum used to take this. It’s bs

heres some info from the Vegan Nutritionist Jack Norris RD site. Although he obviously could be expected to have some bias his work does take all the info and point out issues (as far as I can see) and contains references and updates.
Here he talks the basics of eating soy (including weight lifting)

and here about feminizing

I do eat soy daily but normally opt for a pea based protein powder, partly to mix up my diet slightly and also because of the higher leucine content (see first link).