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'Non-Edible' Product Suggestions


I've been stewing about this for awhile now. As with any stew, the longer it cooks the crazier it gets. Here's what I want:

  1. Flip top lid for Surge/Grow!/Metabolic Drive bottles - and put some kind of rubber gasket in there so when it flips closed it seals right.

  2. A counter top rack for Surge/Grow!/Metabolic Drive bottles. I've got four on my counter all standing upright for various members of the family. If we had a rack that held them at an angle in a vertical stack then they would take up less space and make it easier to make shakes quickly. See also: flip top lid!

  3. Since anyone in their right mind has a nalgene or similar sized bottle, how about a dinky little plastic funnel that fits into a nalgene bottle on one end, and is big enough for a surge scoop (and therefore Metabolic Drive/Grow! scoops) on the other end? How tough would that be?

I'll pay through the nose for this stuff. Who's in charge of non-edible merch, anyway? The world doesn't need anymore #$%& tee-shirts.


look in different shops , they've got all sorts of products for all sorts of perpose's.


I'm not sure I understand the flip-top lid concept. Would it have a pourable spout type of thing?


I think he means like a spice container, only 100x bigger. Top half of the lid pops up to be able to scoop from, maybe?

Thinking about it though, you'd have to have some small ass hands/forearms to be able to reach into half of the lid and scoop anything out.


i like the idea of smaller containers- shallower at least, just to save space and because whenever i get a big tub of protein powder that's only 1/2 full i always feel a little gypped. I know there are reasons why they do that, I just wish it felt like I was getting a full container.


OP, this is what you need...