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NON-DOT Drug Test Question


Hey guys, I tend to be inactive on here during my off-cycle but I have a question about a pre-employment drug screening. I'm on absolutely nothing except 12.5mg of clomid still but I was wondering if my pre-workout RAZOR 8 would show a positive for amphetamine?

some ingredients are yohimbine, hordenine, higenamine among other "NO" boosters...last taken on sunday, will most likely take the test tomorrow in the AM after breakfast.

Thanks in advance for your responses


what kind of job?


Had a buddy who popped for speed a few years ago. He claimed it was from his pre-workout (forget which one it was), and the commanding officer backed him on it. The lab was able to show the difference in results between the ingredients in his pre-workout and the actual drug. Turned out he had taken an unknown pill from a chick at a party and it was ritalin or something similar. Sucked, because he was a good dude. Just made a bad choice and got discharged.

Point being, though, the lab could tell the difference. So ever since then I've questioned the old, 'my friend was taking preworkout XXX and got a false positive for amphetamines'. This was either a Navy/DOD run lab, or a private one contracted by the Navy, I don't know how the actual testing is conducted. But any professional lab should be at that same level.

Now you just have to hope that what is on the label is the only thing in the bottle. :slight_smile:


It's unlikely that it would trigger a false positive. You've got several days between your last use and the drug test, for one thing. From what I remember (it's been awhile since this has been relevant to my life), that sort of thing clears your system quickly.

There's really nothing you can do about it though, right? Worst case scenario, if you do test positive for something, bring the product in, tell them what it is and why you take it, and hope they're reasonable.