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Non-Direct Arm Work Routines (for Big Arms)


I just learned that "a lot" of folks with big arms around here don't do direct arm work.

I'm always looking for ways to free up time in my schedule, what with blocking about about 1-2 hours a day for gym, so if I can free up all that 'direct arm work' I've been doing, that would be AWESOME.

Please, post your non-direct arm routines here.

Oh, and please post pics/size of your arms, too.

Seriously, I'm totally open to this.


I've never done direct arm work EVER!

Oh wait - yes I have, and lots of it too.


Triceps - Close grip bench press and weighted dips.

Biceps - weighted pull ups neutral and protonated grip, yate style rows and underhand seated cable rows.

No you're not, take that shit to GAL.

This is not my arm because unfortunately i got caught up in the whole "direct arm" work crowd and wasted plenty of time.


Don't you think it's a good idea to do both? Meaning compound work and direct work?


I find the people who are against direct arm work are the ones with the smallest arms yet have the nerve to critizies those with big muscular arms who have worked there ass of nobody gives a shit about your puny 14 inch arms you got from doing pullups.


Direct arm work certainly has it's place in your routine; however, most people place far too much emphasis on it. For a long time I structured my split so that I only hit arm directly on a bi-weekly basis and it worked great! I saw continuous size and strength gains.

Regardless of your exact approach, full-range chin ups and dips are essential. Additionally, keep your are work at the end of your split to ensure that you aren't compromising the larger muscle groups.


I know this is in the BB section but the people that I know of who are on the "No Direct Arm Work" train are into PLing, Strongman or Sports performance related training.... All things that dont nessecarily "need" DAW.

I've never seen anyoe who plans on competing in BBing advocating no DAW.


Completely disagree.

They murder my shoulders and elbows. Can't do them without hurting myself, so...

Blanket statements are typically garbage, this one is also.


Actually i was just messing around.

I figured this thread was in response to this one:


I thought Steely was just making fun of that guy ^ ..

But to answer you question i do think direct arm work is necessary.

When i do pull ups or rows it's done to work my back not my arms... I work everything directly.


People that think you shouldn't do direct arm work should GTFO of the Bodybuilding section.



I wish I was as ripped as you in your Avi...dead serious..

And on a serious not I am taking about 2 weeks off from direct arm work....my biceps and tris are just fucking overworked...was training them every other day on top of the indirect work from pressing and pulling...they feel weak and deflated...but...when they recover they should be beasts.


hahah LOL


I never hit my arms, and they are shit.

I always used the excuse "I'm training for sport" then I developed agonising pain in both elbows when training.

I now do 'pump work' once or twice a week.

/shit story.


lol- Well, of course.

Yes, that thread specifically.

But seriously, big arms and no direct arm work-- I'd like to see the long term routine. This should be stickied but for the lack of all these people with huge arms that do no direct arm work. It will save server space in the long run.

re: Benching -- It's rare that I see anyone benching who is not locking out or using a pretty close grip, so, totally my opinion based on gym observation, people might get a good triceps activation from benching based on their technique or mechanics that make them triceps dominant.


What will be the next trend? getting big without training. eating without putting food in your mouth.


It seems like strongman would do some kind of direct arm work. It would definitely help them.


It makes my blood boil when people say that big biceps are only for show and have no real carryover to sports peformance. Every time you pull or clean something in the realworld you are using your biceps. Take a look at strong man comps most of the big names always have big arms how the fuck would not having big arms help with clean & pressing a 300lbs log. The whole anti arms people can go and get fucked most of them look like they do not even work out.


My favorite is the "no carryover to the real world, it isn't functional."


Try helping someone move without using your fucking biceps, lol. Impossible. Shovel out from an 18" snow storm the day after heavy bicep training and tell me you don't use your bi's in the real world.

lol @ idiots.


People are really fucking stupid. But... I mostly blame fitness authors and not the idiots. They get this shit from reading articles to try and improve themselves. A lot of people believe what they read from "experts". You feed people horseshit who don't know the difference and this is what happens. People just blindly parrot out the nonsense they have read but don't bother to take a look at their pipe cleaners first.


Everything I just said above is true... But after reading the linked thread above i think that was an obvious troll job. He got everyone pretty good. I'm sure whomever that was... got a nice laugh as everyone fell into their predictable responses as they expected.