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Non Dairy shake recipie

Does anyone have any shake recipies with non dairy protein sources? thats right… things like Cottage cheese, Yogurt, Skim Milk, and Protien powders give me a rash, and always have since i was born… Im very tired of eating 3 Chicken Breasts every day… Any other easy to make sources that you would like to share? I feel like this is my downfall, not being able to get enough good quality protein thru the day.

That sucks…well, since I assume you’re talking about convenience proteins, your best choice is probably going to be eggs. Whole eggs are cheap, but of course it’s just as easy to get sick of that. There are some semi-decent egg powders out there, though most SUCK HORRIBLY. An alternative – in some grocery stores and most health-food grocery stores you can find big plastic cartons of sterilized egg whites (raw, liquid). They might be a bit expensive, but they mix very easily with shakes and taste fine. Some mixture of whole eggs, an egg powder that isn’t completely dreadful, and the packaged egg white liquid seems to be a decent alternative to the ever-present dairy products. Good luck!

Get a tin of tuna and put it in a blender with orange juice and have at it! I know it probably sounds gross (it does to me I know) but I’ve actually heard this shake recommended by more than just a few people and I’d imagine if you really needed something like this to get additional protein it would be easy enough to choke down. Of course getting ahold of some 100% pure egg protein and mixing it with water, oats, peanut butter, cinnamon and some artificial sweetener would probably work a lot better. You can also search for some pure beef or rice powdered protein. They’re not as easy to find but still are available.

Protein Factory sells rice based protein powder and bovine serum (meat based) protein powder.

Cool…steak in a shake…

Yes I am talking about convenience. I do eat a lot of eggs, canned tuna and salmon also. Don’t get me wrong they are all great, but tend to get a little boring over the years. I actually have recently ordered 2 lbs of egg white protein from the Protein Factory and I must say it does taste pretty good for egg protein. However It tends to be very harsh on the stomach. Next time I order, I will try some bovine serum and possibly some rice protein, I always assumed the rice protein would be pretty worthless.
As for the tuna and OJ shake… well I cant imagine this tasting good. Just maybe one day I will get up some courage to blend up some solid foods like tuna into a drinkable shake. But for now im looking for a bit tastier alternative.

the rice protein is not good. my brother got it for when he was fasting for Lent. It does not dissolve well and tastes bad. Just because it has carbs in it does not mean it tastes good. Plus you need to put a large amount to get enough protein since a lot of the weight is not protein. laters pk

I can’t handle dairy either or protein powder, but for some reason Low Carb Grow doesn’t bother me. Works great and no probs. I’d say to try the top end proteins before you give up on them completely. You can always get your $ back if needed.