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Non-Bodybuilding Bodybuilding Fans


Most hockey or football fans don't play hockey seriously, but I have yet to see someone who follows bodybuilding that's doesn't at least hit the gym.

Non-bodybuilding bodybuilding fans, does that exist?


it does

lol walk around the Arnold Sports Expo and you will be very disappointed by the visitors.....

then there are the gay guys

size queens

people who like oddities



It reminds me of when I started lifting at 18...I was at a supermarket and saw an issue of Muscle & Fitness and it felt so cool that I could buy it and actually be able to use the information in it and actaully be participating in some way and not just like buying Sports Illustrated and sitting on the sofa, which was full of sports that I was only a spectator of.

I guess the same could be said of Hustler before I was 18 too.


Muscle worship:


I've seen a good number of 'bodybuilding fans' who don't train. By 'fans'. I don't just mean that they follow the sport side, but they also participate in forums and can be quite vocal in terms of discussing training and dietary theories. Usually they're just repeating crap they've read elsewhere without much real world understanding, which is why you typically get arguments from people who actually try to walk the walk so to speak (fat guy giving them advice on how to lose weight, really?! -lol).



Awesome post hahaha.


This is pretty much spot on.

I think more people may "appreciate it" but would never seek it out personally because of stigma. I mean, unless you look like you workout, most guys will probably avoid standing in the aisle looking at pics of Ronnie Coleman due to being self conscious.


I don't understand how some of these giantnormous fat fucks appreciate bodybuilding yet won't do a tiny bit of work so they don't look like a pile of shit.


Uh, why would you be expected to know this? Are you a psychologist?


I love women but I dont want to be one, I love novels, but I dont want to be an author.

If BBing actually had a bigger fan base it would be even bigger than it is with more sponsors etc.

I mean I love football but I am not out in my back yard working on pass patterns with SSC or Dixie.


Who the hell would want to watch a bodybuilding competition execept for a bodybuilding fanatic?

Any sport where there are two teams and a ball or puck is interesting. But watching men flexing in their panties is on the bottom of my list of things to do.

BTW- No disrespect intended to bodybuilders.


I love lamps!

that doesn't mean i'm putting my dick into them.




so what exactly are you doing around T-Nation?


Hiding years of Cheetos and Peppermint Patties behind screen names and passive aggressive remarks, that's what.


Getting jackoff material


What about fans?


...this one time....at bible camp...


lol bible camp


I come to this site because I like to train and I want to look good.

I don't care who wins the Arnold or other competitions.

Hope that is not too complicated.